Our Summer

This summer is really flying by, well, this whole year is flying by! We’ve had a great past couple of months. Rosalie has really grown into a little person over the summer, and isn’t so much a baby anymore (she will always be my baby.) Rosalie and I had a bit of an obsession with carnivals over the summer. She loved the rides and I loved the funnel cakes and candied apples.. I think we went to a total of five carnivals over the summer. Since I was pregnant, David had the pleasure of going on all of the rides with Rosalie. The tall slides were a favorite, but I enjoyed watching him slide into the little cars and what not…gosh, I got a keeper! Rosalie and I went to the Natural Bridge Zoo, which I hadn’t been to since I was about her age, and I seem to remember it being a lot nicer back then. We also visited the Safari Park, which is Rosalie’s favorite place…not sure if it’s the birds or the fact that aunt Lily works there, but hey, that place is great! We also spent quite a bit of time at the pool, well up until I was to uncomfortable in a bathing suit (refused to wear a maternity suit.) Rosalie turned three, yes, I said it…THREE… at the beginning of August. One advantage to having a baby just three weeks prior to her birthday,  I blamed all the tears on postpartum depression. Still can’t believe how big she is. I was all excited to throw her a big party and go all out, but that girl is very simple. A camping trip with friends and family, and an Elsa (Frozen) cake was all she wanted. Oh, and stickers.. can’t forget those, especially because I’m still finding them stuck to EVERYTHING…thanks guys. She really had a great time, and we were able to use our camper for the first time this summer, which was exciting. Here are a few pictures.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

photo 2

^^ see what I mean^^^

photo 5

photo 4




….that cake was pretty amazing, and Rosalie loved it and tried to keep Elsa’s face for days not letting anyone eat it. Finally, I threw it out and disguised my actions with doughnuts. Not ashamed. Llewyn basically slept the entire trip, including at night. That boy knows what his momma needs!! Rockstar baby!!

Love, a.renalds


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