Boxerwood Gardens

Last week I took Rosalie and Llewyn to Boxerwood Gardens to play or in Llewyns case, to sleep for a few hours. We picked up some yummy food from Blue Sky Bakery and met my friend Sarah for an afternoon of fun! If you haven’t taken your kids there, you should, because they will LOVE IT. It’s always a good idea to wear old clothes and take a change of clothes (I learned that one the hard way..) Although, my kid prefers to just strip down into her undies and play like no one’s watching, and thank goodness no one was. It’s such a great place for kids to be kids, step away from the electronics, be outside and use their imaginations. It’s good for us moms too, just leave the phones in the car!

So, you know those commercials, the ones with the moms showing how unprepared they looks with the first baby, but then with the second baby, they look like a pro… I hope I look like that, because I most certainly don’t feel that way. Honestly, when I go out, sometimes I feel like I’m going on a mini vacation with like ten people. Especially now that I’m sporting a Honda Odyssey…yes, that’s a minivan… I mean the amount of stuff you can pack in those things…goat, dog, kids, double stroller, groceries …the list goes on! Really, I don’t know what I did before we got it. Now days it seems like everything takes three times longer, oh wait, because it does!! It takes hours just to get out of the house some days, and no, I only take a five minute shower, and that’s if I’m even able to take a shower. It just takes that long to get two little ones ready and to make sure you have everything you could possibly need while out with them and even then, I always forget something. Good thing I can’t forget Llewyn’s food!! 😉 Props to you mommas who have lots of kids, you ladies are rock stars!!! I don’t think I’ll ever be a “pro”  or make it look super easy like some women, but I know I’ll always love doing it… because man, what an awesome job we have! Here are a few pictures from our little outing. Enjoy!

DSC_0184 (2)

DSC_0186 (2)

^^he was awake for like 4 minutes^^

DSC_0193 (2)

^^^Blue Sky Bakery is so, so good!!^^

DSC_0188 (2)

DSC_0191 (2)

DSC_0214 (2)

DSC_0212 (2)

DSC_0234 (2)     DSC_0218 (2)

DSC_0220 (2)

DSC_0226 (2)

DSC_0232 (2) 

DSC_0246 (2)         DSC_0241 (2)<<<<Llewyn’s selfie

^^^^thanks sarah^^^

How much fun does that look?!

Love, a renalds


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