Bowling Fun


^^ this photo is too funny not to share^^

Llewyn fell asleep pretty early last night, so when he sleeps, I sleep, and we slept hard last night (I think he woke up once for 5 seconds!) I don’t know if it was the mountain air from driving on the Parkway yesterday, but wow… I’m feeling refreshed and I’m going to make this Monday MINE!!!

We had a great weekend!

Friday night we went out to dinner with the kids, which wasn’t a challenge and was very enjoyable! Saturday morning, Llewyn and I met such a dear friend of mine, Rachel for coffee and donuts. I think this was the first time we got together to hang out, and didn’t take any photos, well, I did snap one!

Rosalie and David worked on the house with my dad and his dad. (Don’t you love how I say Rosalie, like she worked on the house too!) They got SO much done, and my soon to be bedroom almost has a floor!  But the coolest thing happened Saturday while we were working. An unfamilure car pulled in the driveway, and come to find out, the family use to live in our house many, many years ago. The woman is 91 years old now, and although she really didn’t remember the house, her daughter who also grew up here, remembered everything. She told us so many stories about living on the farm and her mother loved Llewyn and Rosalie. Its funny how babies can just light a person up. Anyway, they live in Maryland now, and she said next time they come down, she will bring us some photos of the house from when they lived here! This house has certainly been loved throughout the years, and has been home to many. So happy we can call it ours for now.

We had plans to go to the Drive-inn Saturday night, but when you have little ones, plans can change at any moment. So, we went bowling! I hadn’t been bowling since four years ago, when I was in England staying with my cousin and I can’t say I’ve ever been any good. David said he hadn’t been for at least ten years! Rosalie had a ball, really she did! ha ha

Yesterday after church, we decided to to take a drive on the parkway. The views were so beautiful. The colors of fall are my favorite. Yesterday just reminded me of how great our God is, and how thankful I am for his creation! We didn’t get home until eight, so it was obviously a good time, Rosalie had fun and Llewyn slept a lot!

Here are a few photos!


^^I forgot, we also painted pumpkins Saturday^^



^^Davids dad, Stephen, with Llewyn^^


^^check out the cool bowling slide^^



^^Rosalie and I chatting it up about how us girls have to stick together and beat papa!^^


^^my guys^^




^^I know this photo is blurry, but this is my life now days^^


^^from yesterday on the parkway^^


^^One day, when I can breath for a few minutes, I’m going to paint this^^


^^and this^^




^^it was super windy up there and cold..Oh and Rosalie is saying to Llewyn, “Don’t worry buddy, I’ll hold your hand!”^DSC_0940

^^I just bought a tripod, so we can get David in there too^^


Now it’s starting to look like Autumn and feel like it!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and had the chance to get outside at some point to enjoy the cooler weather. We spent most of our weekend outside getting into something fun. Saturday morning we got up early (whoa it was chilly outside) which was sleeping in for David and went to a fall festival. We actually got there early enough to get some Brunswick stew, which is our goal every year. Oh yeah, and apple butter, because we eat that stuff like peanut butter around here! SO GOOD!

I took some photos of the maples in our yard this weekend, which ended up turning into a family photo session, but their colors were gorgeous this weekend, and I noticed the leaves are already starting to fall off this evening. I wish this time of the year could last a little longer. All the beautiful colors give me so many ideas for paintings and really inspire me (I need all the inspiration I can get right now with my show coming up in the spring!)

So, I can’t believe that I have a child old enough to have a sleep over…I mean, I remember those days, not long ago, where I was pulling all nighters with my friends! (why do they call them sleep overs, no one actually sleeps) Rosalie had a friend over this weekend, a friend that’s the daughter of one of those girls I pulled all nighters with not so long ago. They actually did sleep though, even with all the sugar I fed them before bed……okay, it wasn’t that much, but we had to taste test the sugar cookies they made! It was a great time, and I’m so excited for all the fun times to come.

After church today we kind of just became couch potatoes and napped, drank coffee (I drank coffee) and watched some movies…these are the days!! Oh, and the pumpkin patch, we did do that this evening, but Llewyn was not a fan of the wind, so that didn’t last very long! We’ll try it again before the month is over though! Have a blessed week. Here are a few photos.

love, a renalds



^^those colors though^^



^^aww, so much love^^














So, I know, I’ve been basically MIA for the past week (not by choice.) I’ve been busy though, and I finally got a Mac Book Pro(why did I wait so long to do this?) (oh yeah, because I spent my life savings) so I’ve been trying to get everything transferred over. Yeah, that’s were I got stuck looking at all of Rosalie’s baby pictures for hours from my old computer. That girl, she’s been a little super woman since birth!

I had a great birthday, and thank you to all who wished it for me. Rosalie baked me a cake, which melted my heart and was super tasty. Saturday, David took me out to a nice dinner, Lily and Tj joined in on the fun. I love good food and even better company! Anyway, I know this is short and sweet, but I’ve gotta get busy with the day. I promise to post some cute photos this weekend and to mention my shopping trip to J.crew with Lily. By the way, Llewyn is growing so fast, I mean I know they grow, but jeez, this kid is getting HUGE! He gave me a little laugh the other day…IN LOVE! Here is a photo from my birthday! Have a great Friday! xx

love, a renalds


Learning with Kiwi Crate


My sweet friend Jenny gave Rosalie a subscription to kiwi crate for her Birthday, and I have to say


This is our second month using it and it has been such a fun, hands on way of learning.

Since Rosalie doesn’t go to preschool and will most likely be homeschooled, I’m so happy we’ve been introduced to this.

Here’s a little about Kiwi Crate

You choose your age group (Rosalie does the koala crate) they have product lines for ages 3-16

You choose how many months you want

They send you a crate every month with three projects

Everything is included in the crate you really don’t need any extras (which I like)!

Each month has a different focus (our first month was reptiles and now we are on to numbers)

Like I said, our first month was reptiles, and we a made a really fun stuffed felt snake. No sewing!!!

We also made a turtle treasure box

 included is little book that is related to your topic that month as well

This month we are working on numbers

We made play dough last week (all ingredients included) to use with our awesome number mats which we played with over the weekend

We also have number cards and a dice game to start on this week

These crates would make awesome Christmas gifts for little ones in your family.

Rosalie has enjoyed it so much, we are going to continue using it!

Here are some photos, enjoy!


^^ super easy instructions^^







^^ notice the cabinet drawers aren’t painted in this photo… I painted them this weekend!!!!!!!!^^

DSC_0677^^here are a couple of the fun mats^^

DSC_0676If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Oh, and Happy Monday!! (Monday’s make me thankful for another week that I get to spend, alive and well, with my children and family!)

Love, a renalds

Some indoor fun


I know I said I was liking this weather, but goodness, I would like the trees in my yard to have the chance to change colors this fall! It’s definitely cozy though, and I may have built a little fire this AM……I’m a nut, I know.

With all the rain, we’ve definitely had our share of puddle jumping, but have been finding fun things to get into inside as well.

We spent a good amount of time at the library this week, which is always a good time. Rosalie uses my library card like its her own, and picks out her own “school books” because she’s such a big girl!

Llewyn has to be the most go-with-the-flow baby I’ve ever met. Although, he’s starting this faze where he won’t go to anyone except me. Yes, I LOVE IT and yes, it’s probably because I spoil him (no such thing) by holding him all day.

I’m not taking these baby days for granted. I’m going to soak them all in and enjoy every cuddle!

Before we went to the Library yesterday, I did something really brave, something I told David I would probably never do with out him, and something we told our selves last time, we would never do again..

I took R and L out to lunch, in a sit down restaurant, by myself…

I like to think I’m a gold medalist now.

It’s been a challenge going out to eat with Rosalie. She gets bored easily, which is understandable, and just likes to be loud and basically, be a kid.. I mean what is wrong with her!! haha

I guess I always worry we’re disturbing others, and instead of just realizing kids will be kids, let the little stuff go, I get stressed. Yesterday was an awesome learning experience though and since Llewyn slept the whole time I could really focus on Rosalie. We played eye spy colors while we waited for our pancakes, which was fun and that girl knows her colors! It was great and I’d go again! (David was impressed) It’s funny, never thought the success story of my week would be taking the little ones out to eat by myself, Oh, and I got to eat my entire meal before it got cold!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the library. I hope you enjoy them and have a blessed weekend!

Love, a renalds









^^We have this train set at home too and its a favorite^^


^^nap time say what?!^^


^^check out the huge Rody^^


^^even Llewyn enjoyed the toys^^


^^hey, there I am spoiling my baby!!^^



^^okay, so he does kinda look like David in this photo..just a little^^^


Waking up this morning, I was so happy to see the sun and all its light shining over the pretty colors of fall.

After being stuck in the house for the past few days, I’m sure we’ll be spending all day playing outside, soaking it up before more rain later in the week.

I tell ya, its tough trying to entertain a three year old inside for a couple days straight. It’s moments like these where I think: one, how did my momma do it, and two, that poor woman!

I went through all of Rosalie’s clothes and was actually able to let a few things go. We also bagged up some toys to donate as well. I’ve been trying to be better about not getting attached to materialistic things. It’s always been a weakness to hold on to things for ever, like cards, and clothes that I never wear, and Rosalie’s baby stuff. Of course a lot of it I will keep, but some of it can go. I’m taking it slow.

I was also able to get some online Christmas shopping done (I know, WHAT the WHAT) but it has been a goal of mine for a long time now. I always say, “Next year I’ll do my shopping in the summer so I can just enjoy Christmas and not be stressed” Well, this year, I’m making progress. You guys, it’s just around the corner….

So, it just hit me that I’m turning 26 in less than two weeks…’s so funny how birthdays change when you get older. The small things matter less and the important things matter more.

David keeps asking me what I want to do, and what I’d like. Rosalie told him I want a mermaid, which was true like 20 years ago… the fact that I can even say that freaks me out.

What I want the most at this point in life, is just time with family. Good laughs. Good memories. and another healthy year, if it’s God’s will. It sounds so cliché reading that, but boy is it the truth!

Here are a few photos I snapped this morning, enjoy!


She insisted on wearing that flower in her hair…its the one I wore in my hair for our wedding.


DSC_0571 Rosalie has been playing with mine and Lily’s dolls from when we were little recently.




^^this sweet guy is always content just watching his sister play^^^



^^favorite picture of Rosalie^^

Have a blessed day and enjoy some sunshine!

love, a renalds