Waking up this morning, I was so happy to see the sun and all its light shining over the pretty colors of fall.

After being stuck in the house for the past few days, I’m sure we’ll be spending all day playing outside, soaking it up before more rain later in the week.

I tell ya, its tough trying to entertain a three year old inside for a couple days straight. It’s moments like these where I think: one, how did my momma do it, and two, that poor woman!

I went through all of Rosalie’s clothes and was actually able to let a few things go. We also bagged up some toys to donate as well. I’ve been trying to be better about not getting attached to materialistic things. It’s always been a weakness to hold on to things for ever, like cards, and clothes that I never wear, and Rosalie’s baby stuff. Of course a lot of it I will keep, but some of it can go. I’m taking it slow.

I was also able to get some online Christmas shopping done (I know, WHAT the WHAT) but it has been a goal of mine for a long time now. I always say, “Next year I’ll do my shopping in the summer so I can just enjoy Christmas and not be stressed” Well, this year, I’m making progress. You guys, it’s just around the corner….

So, it just hit me that I’m turning 26 in less than two weeks…..it’s so funny how birthdays change when you get older. The small things matter less and the important things matter more.

David keeps asking me what I want to do, and what I’d like. Rosalie told him I want a mermaid, which was true like 20 years ago… the fact that I can even say that freaks me out.

What I want the most at this point in life, is just time with family. Good laughs. Good memories. and another healthy year, if it’s God’s will. It sounds so cliché reading that, but boy is it the truth!

Here are a few photos I snapped this morning, enjoy!


She insisted on wearing that flower in her hair…its the one I wore in my hair for our wedding.


DSC_0571 Rosalie has been playing with mine and Lily’s dolls from when we were little recently.




^^this sweet guy is always content just watching his sister play^^^



^^favorite picture of Rosalie^^

Have a blessed day and enjoy some sunshine!

love, a renalds


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