Some indoor fun


I know I said I was liking this weather, but goodness, I would like the trees in my yard to have the chance to change colors this fall! It’s definitely cozy though, and I may have built a little fire this AM……I’m a nut, I know.

With all the rain, we’ve definitely had our share of puddle jumping, but have been finding fun things to get into inside as well.

We spent a good amount of time at the library this week, which is always a good time. Rosalie uses my library card like its her own, and picks out her own “school books” because she’s such a big girl!

Llewyn has to be the most go-with-the-flow baby I’ve ever met. Although, he’s starting this faze where he won’t go to anyone except me. Yes, I LOVE IT and yes, it’s probably because I spoil him (no such thing) by holding him all day.

I’m not taking these baby days for granted. I’m going to soak them all in and enjoy every cuddle!

Before we went to the Library yesterday, I did something really brave, something I told David I would probably never do with out him, and something we told our selves last time, we would never do again..

I took R and L out to lunch, in a sit down restaurant, by myself…

I like to think I’m a gold medalist now.

It’s been a challenge going out to eat with Rosalie. She gets bored easily, which is understandable, and just likes to be loud and basically, be a kid.. I mean what is wrong with her!! haha

I guess I always worry we’re disturbing others, and instead of just realizing kids will be kids, let the little stuff go, I get stressed. Yesterday was an awesome learning experience though and since Llewyn slept the whole time I could really focus on Rosalie. We played eye spy colors while we waited for our pancakes, which was fun and that girl knows her colors! It was great and I’d go again! (David was impressed) It’s funny, never thought the success story of my week would be taking the little ones out to eat by myself, Oh, and I got to eat my entire meal before it got cold!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the library. I hope you enjoy them and have a blessed weekend!

Love, a renalds









^^We have this train set at home too and its a favorite^^


^^nap time say what?!^^


^^check out the huge Rody^^


^^even Llewyn enjoyed the toys^^


^^hey, there I am spoiling my baby!!^^



^^okay, so he does kinda look like David in this photo..just a little^^^


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