Learning with Kiwi Crate


My sweet friend Jenny gave Rosalie a subscription to kiwi crate for her Birthday, and I have to say


This is our second month using it and it has been such a fun, hands on way of learning.

Since Rosalie doesn’t go to preschool and will most likely be homeschooled, I’m so happy we’ve been introduced to this.

Here’s a little about Kiwi Crate

You choose your age group (Rosalie does the koala crate) they have product lines for ages 3-16

You choose how many months you want

They send you a crate every month with three projects

Everything is included in the crate you really don’t need any extras (which I like)!

Each month has a different focus (our first month was reptiles and now we are on to numbers)

Like I said, our first month was reptiles, and we a made a really fun stuffed felt snake. No sewing!!!

We also made a turtle treasure box

 included is little book that is related to your topic that month as well

This month we are working on numbers

We made play dough last week (all ingredients included) to use with our awesome number mats which we played with over the weekend

We also have number cards and a dice game to start on this week

These crates would make awesome Christmas gifts for little ones in your family.

Rosalie has enjoyed it so much, we are going to continue using it!

Here are some photos, enjoy!


^^ super easy instructions^^







^^ notice the cabinet drawers aren’t painted in this photo… I painted them this weekend!!!!!!!!^^

DSC_0677^^here are a couple of the fun mats^^

DSC_0676If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Oh, and Happy Monday!! (Monday’s make me thankful for another week that I get to spend, alive and well, with my children and family!)

Love, a renalds


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