So, I know, I’ve been basically MIA for the past week (not by choice.) I’ve been busy though, and I finally got a Mac Book Pro(why did I wait so long to do this?) (oh yeah, because I spent my life savings) so I’ve been trying to get everything transferred over. Yeah, that’s were I got stuck looking at all of Rosalie’s baby pictures for hours from my old computer. That girl, she’s been a little super woman since birth!

I had a great birthday, and thank you to all who wished it for me. Rosalie baked me a cake, which melted my heart and was super tasty. Saturday, David took me out to a nice dinner, Lily and Tj joined in on the fun. I love good food and even better company! Anyway, I know this is short and sweet, but I’ve gotta get busy with the day. I promise to post some cute photos this weekend and to mention my shopping trip to J.crew with Lily. By the way, Llewyn is growing so fast, I mean I know they grow, but jeez, this kid is getting HUGE! He gave me a little laugh the other day…IN LOVE! Here is a photo from my birthday! Have a great Friday! xx

love, a renalds



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