Now it’s starting to look like Autumn and feel like it!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and had the chance to get outside at some point to enjoy the cooler weather. We spent most of our weekend outside getting into something fun. Saturday morning we got up early (whoa it was chilly outside) which was sleeping in for David and went to a fall festival. We actually got there early enough to get some Brunswick stew, which is our goal every year. Oh yeah, and apple butter, because we eat that stuff like peanut butter around here! SO GOOD!

I took some photos of the maples in our yard this weekend, which ended up turning into a family photo session, but their colors were gorgeous this weekend, and I noticed the leaves are already starting to fall off this evening. I wish this time of the year could last a little longer. All the beautiful colors give me so many ideas for paintings and really inspire me (I need all the inspiration I can get right now with my show coming up in the spring!)

So, I can’t believe that I have a child old enough to have a sleep over…I mean, I remember those days, not long ago, where I was pulling all nighters with my friends! (why do they call them sleep overs, no one actually sleeps) Rosalie had a friend over this weekend, a friend that’s the daughter of one of those girls I pulled all nighters with not so long ago. They actually did sleep though, even with all the sugar I fed them before bed……okay, it wasn’t that much, but we had to taste test the sugar cookies they made! It was a great time, and I’m so excited for all the fun times to come.

After church today we kind of just became couch potatoes and napped, drank coffee (I drank coffee) and watched some movies…these are the days!! Oh, and the pumpkin patch, we did do that this evening, but Llewyn was not a fan of the wind, so that didn’t last very long! We’ll try it again before the month is over though! Have a blessed week. Here are a few photos.

love, a renalds



^^those colors though^^



^^aww, so much love^^














One thought on “Now it’s starting to look like Autumn and feel like it!

  1. Susan says:

    As always Annie I so enjoy your blog. The Lord has blessed you with the gift of capturing life on paper.( and canvas) much love to all \lm/


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