Bowling Fun


^^ this photo is too funny not to share^^

Llewyn fell asleep pretty early last night, so when he sleeps, I sleep, and we slept hard last night (I think he woke up once for 5 seconds!) I don’t know if it was the mountain air from driving on the Parkway yesterday, but wow… I’m feeling refreshed and I’m going to make this Monday MINE!!!

We had a great weekend!

Friday night we went out to dinner with the kids, which wasn’t a challenge and was very enjoyable! Saturday morning, Llewyn and I met such a dear friend of mine, Rachel for coffee and donuts. I think this was the first time we got together to hang out, and didn’t take any photos, well, I did snap one!

Rosalie and David worked on the house with my dad and his dad. (Don’t you love how I say Rosalie, like she worked on the house too!) They got SO much done, and my soon to be bedroom almost has a floor!  But the coolest thing happened Saturday while we were working. An unfamilure car pulled in the driveway, and come to find out, the family use to live in our house many, many years ago. The woman is 91 years old now, and although she really didn’t remember the house, her daughter who also grew up here, remembered everything. She told us so many stories about living on the farm and her mother loved Llewyn and Rosalie. Its funny how babies can just light a person up. Anyway, they live in Maryland now, and she said next time they come down, she will bring us some photos of the house from when they lived here! This house has certainly been loved throughout the years, and has been home to many. So happy we can call it ours for now.

We had plans to go to the Drive-inn Saturday night, but when you have little ones, plans can change at any moment. So, we went bowling! I hadn’t been bowling since four years ago, when I was in England staying with my cousin and I can’t say I’ve ever been any good. David said he hadn’t been for at least ten years! Rosalie had a ball, really she did! ha ha

Yesterday after church, we decided to to take a drive on the parkway. The views were so beautiful. The colors of fall are my favorite. Yesterday just reminded me of how great our God is, and how thankful I am for his creation! We didn’t get home until eight, so it was obviously a good time, Rosalie had fun and Llewyn slept a lot!

Here are a few photos!


^^I forgot, we also painted pumpkins Saturday^^



^^Davids dad, Stephen, with Llewyn^^


^^check out the cool bowling slide^^



^^Rosalie and I chatting it up about how us girls have to stick together and beat papa!^^


^^my guys^^




^^I know this photo is blurry, but this is my life now days^^


^^from yesterday on the parkway^^


^^One day, when I can breath for a few minutes, I’m going to paint this^^


^^and this^^




^^it was super windy up there and cold..Oh and Rosalie is saying to Llewyn, “Don’t worry buddy, I’ll hold your hand!”^DSC_0940

^^I just bought a tripod, so we can get David in there too^^


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