Our Christmas Tree Adventure… A short video


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I know we sure did. We loved having David home with us for four days straight. He was probably ready to get back to work today though, kids can do that to you after a while! he he  We had a great time Saturday getting our tree, and we picked out a good one, and some how, I didn’t get any photos of the tree before they cut it, or of them cutting it! Come on momma! I did get a few photos though, and I put together a little video too! Now, this video is pretty low quality, taken with my iPhone, vertically, which I’ll not do again and will use my camera next time, but I really like it and can’t wait to watch it every christmas with the kids as they get older!

It took us quite a while to find the “perfect tree” which in my mind, is always the misfit. We also had to find one that would last a whole month in the same room as our wood stove. After we found it, and you can see it in the video at one point, we tagged it, then the boys come out and cut it down, bag it up, and put it on your truck, while you get to enjoy chocolate chip cookies and cocoa! It’s kind of amazing!

We didn’t decorate the tree until after church yesterday, which is always my favorite part. Every year since I can remember, my mom always gave each of us a new ornament for the tree, that always tied in with that year some how. So, we are passing that down and doing it with our kids, and each other. I still have my first ornament, which was a white dove. I love all the hand made ornaments too. David has quite a few from when he was little, along with all of mine, and Rosalie’s. Our tree is pretty full, with so many memories and love!

I hope you enjoy this video! ❤





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