A little life lately


Oh, man, life has been busy here lately. I can’t believe Christmas is next week, well, actually I can believe it, because guess who is five months this weekend?! Right?! Rosalie was doing so many things at five months.. like almost crawling, she had teeth, I’m pretty sure she rolled over (first time on her first Christmas day) and Llewyn is over here like….Nahhhhh, I’m content just watching you guys. Never mind the teeth, or trying to sit up by himself, he’s just chilling. He did find his toes the first time last weekend, and he was kind of like ” whoa, mom, are these really mine?! and.. I CAN PUT THEM IN MY MOUTH??!!” Oh, the excitement! Rosalie was interested in everything around her at this age, and Llewyn is only interested in Rosalie… oh, and me. (I’ve got the goods) It’s so funny how different their personalities are at such a young age, I love them both so much and my life wouldn’t (haha I had a typo and put would)  be complete with out them.

Our tree is still alive and still has ornaments, although, we have randomly lost a few sets of lights. Everyday our tree looks a little different, Rosalie likes to change it up, and rearrange the ornaments. It always looks so cute and is loved. Every once in a while, even Llewyn will become fascinated by it, while he’s taking a break from admiring Rosalie.

We are putting in a new drive way on the upper part of our land, we want to build a home up there in the future, but also so its easier to get into the field and pull trailers in and what not. Rosalie has really enjoyed being outside and watching the guys move dirt and dump rocks. I took some photos, it’s quite a project, but I’m so thankful the weather is nice enough to get it all finished. Here are some photos!



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