Llewyn is SIX months!

DSC_0291 (3)

My little Llewyn is half a year today! Although I feel like I’ve known him, in my heart, my whole life, it still seems like just yesterday he was born. He is the sweetest little guy. He is always so relaxed, and just likes to take everything in around him. He quietly watches his sister play, and occasionally gets a hold of one of her toys and covers it with drool. No teeth yet, but they should be poking through any day now. He can roll over, is starting to crawl as of yesterday, and is getting better at sitting up unassisted. Llewyn loves Lucy kisses, but don’t we all?! Just started becoming interested in foods, but still loves to nurse. Rosalie makes his world go round, he’s got lots of LOVE for that girl. He’s definitely a momma’s boy, but when papa get home from work, he gets so excited and starts screaming (like his sister!) Oh, sweet little boy, I’m so happy you are ours! We LOVE YOU!

Llewyn just confirms for me, that God’s plan is perfect, and even though we have hard times and may not always understand the things that happen, he is in control and loves us. So grateful that he blessed me with these two sweet children!

Here are a few photos a snapped this morning!



DSC_0290 (3)


DSC_0343 xox 


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