Marriage Part One


Marriage is something I’ve wanted to write about for a while now, but haven’t quite had the courage. I mean, I’ve only been married for almost four years, what do I know, right? Every marriage is different and no marriage is perfect. We all go through rough spots, have bumps in the road, and forget the whole purpose of marriage every once in a while. I’m still learning so much, and will continue to learn for years and years to come, but something I know in my heart, is marriage isn’t even close to what it could be with out the Lord.

It wasn’t until David and I were married that I really began to live a Christian life. I knew I was saved and believed in Jesus Christ, but it wasn’t something I live for or included in my life daily. David and I did premarital counseling before we were married, and that’s really when I began to understand marriage, what it means, and what God expects. That’s when I really started letting the Lord change my life, and living according to his word, and yet I am still sinful, and disobedient at times, guess what!? I’m still forgiven and saved!! Our marriage isn’t just about us, and how we live our lives, what we can get out of  God, but its about how we can live our lives for Christ. With out him, I don’t see how any marriage could be successful, and I don’t mean successful in a way of not ending in divorce, but I mean successful in a way that there is so much more…The love, happiness, trust, respect, forgiveness, is so amazing when you live your life for the Lord. Here are a few things and I may write about this in different parts. So, here’s part one!

Why I Love Submitting To My Husband 

Ephesians 5:22 says, “Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands

..and dare I even mention the next verse? You know, the part where it says “For the husband is the head of the wife.” This verse is one that non-believers cling to when it comes to shooting down Christian faith. I mean, how dare we.. no, no.. how dare God tell women they need to submit to let men control them. You see, but here’s the problem, that’s not what the bible is saying at all, just continue to read a little further.

Some people look at this and think, why would any woman agree to this?! Why would they willingly vow to submit themselves to the mercy of their husbands. Let me barge on in for one second, and clarify for you. Let me tell you why this is not degrading to women, not offensive, and why it’s not exiling women to a life of servitude to their husbands. Oh yeah, and why I love submitting to my husband.

Because the part of the bible that says…..drum roll please.. “Husbands love your wives, as Christ loved the church”…(Ephesians 5:25)

Please note, it does not say, take advantage of, be little them, and make sure they keep the house clean.. No, it is instructing husbands to treat their wives as Christ treated his people. And do you know what Christ didn’t do?! He didn’t demand that his people make him sandwiches, he didn’t talk over them, or wasn’t physically or emotionally abusive. He didn’t walk in the door and demand dinner, the remote and a beer. Nope. Oh no, instead, he washed their feet. Yes, their stinky, dirty and swollen feet. He brought food to them and healed them, and most importantly, he DIED for them! Even though he didn’t deserve it, he willingly gave up HIS life. and in Ephesians, right after the verse to the wives, it tells husbands to show their wives the same selfless love that Christ showed.

So yes, I love submitting to my husband, and I am grateful and so happy to be a partner and companion to someone who loves me like that. Someone who always puts me before himself. Someone who cherishes me, values my options and loves me for who I am. Someone who would never do anything to purposefully hurt me, but to always help me. Someone who seeks God first. When you look at it like this, submitting doesn’t sound bad at all. Actually, it doesn’t sound like submitting at all. To me, it sounds like a blessing. A blessing to be able to love, respect, trust, support and encourage someone who is committed to looking out for my best interests, my family’s best interests, and ultimately giving everything for me. We are far from perfect, as is our marriage, but I know with the Lord on our team, we can face anything together!


Milestones at the Renalds’ house this week!


Not to my surprise, Rosalie had a great first day of school yesterday. She was suppose to start a few weeks ago, but with snow, and me trying to put it off, February first was the big day! I walked her to her class room, which she was like speed walking to get to she was so excited, and she went right in, through her jacket down, kicked off her shoes, and made herself at home. It was like she had been there all her life… but that’s not it…. when it was time to say goodbye, she was so busy playing and having a good ole time, I hardly got a goodbye. Of course, I hid my tears until I got to the car, where I moaned and Llewyn kind of looked at me like, “really mom, isn’t that my job?” Maybe it would have been a little easier if she acted like she was going to miss me a little?! I did get a TON of school work done. I felt as though I could have finished the entire semester in one day, it was unreal! But I definitely looked at the time every little bit, anxiously awaiting three O’clock. I arrived in the pick up line at like two thirty…. No, I wasn’t the first parent there! When it was my turn to get out, I told the woman I was here for Rosalie Renalds, she looked at me and said, “Aw, I heard about Rosalie!” I’m thinking, Oh great………but she just said she was so well behaved and adorable. (Thank goodness, because I pictured in my mind her doing something wild and crazy that the entire school heard about) When she walked out, my eyes filled up with tears, again, and when she saw me she had a few tears too, which caused more tears on my part. She told me about all the fun things they did, all her new friends, and how she needs an Elsa/Anna sleeping mat. I’m so happy her first day was a great experience!

Oh yeah, and Llewyn has TWO teeth now! Two teeth in one week, guys!! Oh, and he can crawl backwards. Big milestones in the Renalds home this week! Here are a few pictures.



Rosalie took the photo on the right!! She loves taking pictures with my camera, but its kind of heavy, so she can’t really aim it where she wants, so we have to kind of move to get in the picture for her! She’s a gem!



I hope you have a great week! XOX