Milestones at the Renalds’ house this week!


Not to my surprise, Rosalie had a great first day of school yesterday. She was suppose to start a few weeks ago, but with snow, and me trying to put it off, February first was the big day! I walked her to her class room, which she was like speed walking to get to she was so excited, and she went right in, through her jacket down, kicked off her shoes, and made herself at home. It was like she had been there all her life… but that’s not it…. when it was time to say goodbye, she was so busy playing and having a good ole time, I hardly got a goodbye. Of course, I hid my tears until I got to the car, where I moaned and Llewyn kind of looked at me like, “really mom, isn’t that my job?” Maybe it would have been a little easier if she acted like she was going to miss me a little?! I did get a TON of school work done. I felt as though I could have finished the entire semester in one day, it was unreal! But I definitely looked at the time every little bit, anxiously awaiting three O’clock. I arrived in the pick up line at like two thirty…. No, I wasn’t the first parent there! When it was my turn to get out, I told the woman I was here for Rosalie Renalds, she looked at me and said, “Aw, I heard about Rosalie!” I’m thinking, Oh great………but she just said she was so well behaved and adorable. (Thank goodness, because I pictured in my mind her doing something wild and crazy that the entire school heard about) When she walked out, my eyes filled up with tears, again, and when she saw me she had a few tears too, which caused more tears on my part. She told me about all the fun things they did, all her new friends, and how she needs an Elsa/Anna sleeping mat. I’m so happy her first day was a great experience!

Oh yeah, and Llewyn has TWO teeth now! Two teeth in one week, guys!! Oh, and he can crawl backwards. Big milestones in the Renalds home this week! Here are a few pictures.



Rosalie took the photo on the right!! She loves taking pictures with my camera, but its kind of heavy, so she can’t really aim it where she wants, so we have to kind of move to get in the picture for her! She’s a gem!



I hope you have a great week! XOX


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