why i choose to be a stay at home mom


I’ve finally recovered from Disney, and decided it was time to get back at it! I wanted to write a little bit about being a stay at home mom, the struggles, the joys, why it’s so important, if you can swing it, and why I love it so much. ( not going to lie, after a long week of Disney World, it was great don’t get me wrong, but I kinda wanted to come home to a job… he he he)

I always hoped that I would be fortunate enough to stay at home with my children. I mean, my mom did it, made it look so easy, so I just knew I wanted to do it too! I’m so grateful to have a husband that can support our family, so I’m able to raise our little ones, I know not everyone is able to, that would like to, so, I’m just really thankful.


Yeah, so the struggles are real. It’s not always cupcakes and glitter. It is a job. I DO WORK. AT HOME. I NEVER GET AWAY FROM WORK. My work follows me in the bathroom, and cries out to me at 2am, it talks back to me, and even when I’m not at work… most likely my work is with me, or is on my mind. So yeah, staying at home and raising your children, it’s HARD WORK. Not to mention all the tasks that come with it. You know, the house work…the house work that never ends. You get all the toys in one room picked up, move on to the next, just to turn around to see said toys are storming the room yet again. Laundry, not even gonna talk about it. Now, when it comes to cooking, that’s where I take a breather and just enjoy it (not saying I don’t enjoy all of it, but this is where I relax and regroup) Something I often struggle with mentally, is the fact that sometimes society makes me feel like less of a woman because I stay home with my children. Because I’m not out chasing a career, climbing the corporate ladder, and becoming super successful. My success is right here in the comfort of my own home, and I’m raising these tiny people who will be the future of America, it’s important work, mommas!!!!


There is so much more joy than struggle. With every bit of struggle there comes so much joy. I try to focus less on the struggle, and more on the joys, because we all struggle, but it’s what we learn, right? I think being a mother is the most rewarding job, and for me, I feel like I get a front row seat to all those little rewards. Like witnessing the little things they learn from day to day. Rosalie spelling her name, to Llewyn discovering dirt. I don’t want to miss those moment, ever. Personally , I love being around my kids 24/7. I mean, I do like to potty in peace, and try to get a whole cup of coffee in me before they wake, but I just really enjoy their company–and I really miss them when they’re not here, which is hardly ever, but still. Oh, the joys!


I understand not every mother is able to stay home with her children, either for financial reasons, or I’ve heard, “I could never stay home with my kids, they would drive me nuts.” I totally get this. Sometimes when David gets home, I book it for the car and drive around listening to some awful heavy metal, just to get it all out of me. I get it! For David and I, it’s important for us as parents, to be in control of how our children are raised, what they watch, what they learn, what they eat, and how they are disciplined.  Being at home with them while they’re little allows this and allows us to start a foundation for them, in hopes they will continue to grow and build up on this foundation. I could probably go on all day, about why it’s so important to me, but I feel I may bore you!


I think I’ve probably made it clear by now that I love my kids, and being around them as much as possible, and that I’m a nut. ( he he) My little ones have taught me so much, just in the few short years that I’ve been lucky enough to be their mother. I love seeing the world through their eyes and at their level. They have opened my eyes to so many things, I would have never acknowledged otherwise. They have made me a woman, who takes the time for the little things, and notices the small things, and I am so thankful for them, and the love that we share.


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