Llewyn’s first birthday, and he’s quite the party animal!

DSC_0653 (2)And just like that, my baby is one!

I feel like I was a little unprepared for Llewyn to turn one. It kind of happened so fast the second time around, and last minute, I was like..OH YEAH, we need to have a party! When Rosalie turned one, I had planned her birthday party months in advance. Every little detail mattered, down to the iced lemons floating in the water. It was a beautiful day, that I had worked hard to plan… and it went by so fast! Llewyn’s birthday was just as great, with only half the planning and stress. We just had a simple get together, at our home, with a few family and friends. It really was a perfect day!! Here are a few photos!

DSC_0636 (2)

DSC_0706 (2)


DSC_0709 (2)

DSC_0662 (2)

DSC_0667 (2)DSC_0702 (2)


DSC_0746 (2)

^^what little sisters are for right?!^^

DSC_0787 (2)

DSC_0791 (2)

^^checking out the tires on this ride^^

DSC_0786 (2)

^^we love these two sweet girls^^

DSC_0658 (2)

DSC_0393 (2)

^^we love you, Llewyn George!!^^


Monday Mornings

DSC_0514 (2)

Happy Monday, friends!

Monday mornings are always slow for us, after great weekends, with late nights, sometimes the kids and I take extra long getting motivated on Monday’s (that’s everyone, right?!) It’s noon and we just finished breakfast……

Reflecting on the weekend–

Our weekend was busy (as always) but we enjoyed every moment of it! I was busy most of the weekend, preparing for Llewyn’s Birthday party (last night) which was a great time! Thank goodness for sweet friends, who helped me all weekend, while David worked. You guys are the absolute best! xoxox

We celebrated Llewyn with a small get together at our house, (I’ll share more later this week) and it was really relaxing and fun. Llewyn enjoyed all the wonderful company, and love! Still trying to gather the fact that he will be ONE tomorrow!

Our house is currently getting an exterior face lift. (MUCH NEEDED) We’re trying to decide on a color,  which has kept me up at night, but I think we have finally settled on one, and I’m so excited!  (I highly recommend the guy who is painting our house, if anyone is looking for someone. He is going above and beyond, to make our old farm house feel extra pretty)

I’m sharing a few photos my sister took for us. These are some of my favorites, that capture us perfectly. (even lucy)

Have a great week!!



DSC_0551 (2)

DSC_0605 (2)

DSC_0458 (2)

DSC_0615 (2)

DSC_0583 (3)

DSC_0522 (2)


Our Forth


I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend–we sure did!!! Our weekend was filled with, work, rest, great food, wonderful friends, matching clothes, sparklers, and a lot of love for this great country!

We were definitely bummed that the firework display was canceled, mostly because we love getting ice cream from the little place next to tractor supply, while watching the fireworks. The cheesecake Sacki made, was simply amazing though, so no complaints here!

A little goal– Wear more Red, White and Blue. Celebrate our freedom, and our country’s positives more (not just on the 4th) and focus less on the negatives! Yes, the negatives are most definitely important, especially to our future, but there’s a lot of greatness here too! Here are a few photos from our weekend. Have a great, short week!




^^I wasn’t kidding, this thing was out of this world good!!^^








Landon’s First Birthday!

Taking these photos and watching this little guy approach his first birthday is bittersweet! Because, how is it possible that the time has gone buy so quickly?! Carrie and I were pregnant at the same time, and our boys are only a few weeks apart. So, it’s officially hit me, that Llewyn too, will be a year old in a few weeks!

Landon is such a cutie, as you can tell in all the photos! That little smile could melt a heart!!