Monday Mornings

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Happy Monday, friends!

Monday mornings are always slow for us, after great weekends, with late nights, sometimes the kids and I take extra long getting motivated on Monday’s (that’s everyone, right?!) It’s noon and we just finished breakfast……

Reflecting on the weekend–

Our weekend was busy (as always) but we enjoyed every moment of it! I was busy most of the weekend, preparing for Llewyn’s Birthday party (last night) which was a great time! Thank goodness for sweet friends, who helped me all weekend, while David worked. You guys are the absolute best! xoxox

We celebrated Llewyn with a small get together at our house, (I’ll share more later this week) and it was really relaxing and fun. Llewyn enjoyed all the wonderful company, and love! Still trying to gather the fact that he will be ONE tomorrow!

Our house is currently getting an exterior face lift. (MUCH NEEDED) We’re trying to decide on a color,  which has kept me up at night, but I think we have finally settled on one, and I’m so excited!  (I highly recommend the guy who is painting our house, if anyone is looking for someone. He is going above and beyond, to make our old farm house feel extra pretty)

I’m sharing a few photos my sister took for us. These are some of my favorites, that capture us perfectly. (even lucy)

Have a great week!!



DSC_0551 (2)

DSC_0605 (2)

DSC_0458 (2)

DSC_0615 (2)

DSC_0583 (3)

DSC_0522 (2)



One thought on “Monday Mornings

  1. Linda Page says:

    Love the pictures Annie!  I am so grateful that you share them since our busy lives keep us from actually seeing each other in person!!Who is the guy doing the painting of your home?!Love you guys,Linda Page


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