Llewyn’s first birthday, and he’s quite the party animal!

DSC_0653 (2)And just like that, my baby is one!

I feel like I was a little unprepared for Llewyn to turn one. It kind of happened so fast the second time around, and last minute, I was like..OH YEAH, we need to have a party! When Rosalie turned one, I had planned her birthday party months in advance. Every little detail mattered, down to the iced lemons floating in the water. It was a beautiful day, that I had worked hard to plan… and it went by so fast! Llewyn’s birthday was just as great, with only half the planning and stress. We just had a simple get together, at our home, with a few family and friends. It really was a perfect day!! Here are a few photos!

DSC_0636 (2)

DSC_0706 (2)


DSC_0709 (2)

DSC_0662 (2)

DSC_0667 (2)DSC_0702 (2)


DSC_0746 (2)

^^what little sisters are for right?!^^

DSC_0787 (2)

DSC_0791 (2)

^^checking out the tires on this ride^^

DSC_0786 (2)

^^we love these two sweet girls^^

DSC_0658 (2)

DSC_0393 (2)

^^we love you, Llewyn George!!^^


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