Knight Family Photos


As many of you know, photography has been a passion of mine for a while. My mom put me in lessons as a kid, and I learned on an old Canon 35 millimeter film camera, one where you had to be patient, while your film developed! Although, I was grateful for that old camera, I love my digital now, and how instant it is. I take so many photos, like A LOT… of my children! (guilty mom) So, when some one asks me to take some photos for them, I’m always a little shocked.. Me? Really? I’D LOVE TO!! I don’t really consider myself a photographer, just a lover of special moments and memories, that can be captured with a camera. Don’t get me wrong, I love capturing my kiddos, but there’s something special about capturing someone else’s moments! I loved taking Landon’s first birthday photos back in the summer ( Here) and I didn’t think he could get much cuter, but oh my!!!!! and he’s such a lucky little guy to have a big brother like Colton! Such a beautiful family!! ❤

Isn’t Carrie just beautiful!?!?

This is a favorite ^^



A Birth Story: Harlyn Lee Hamric

I got to experience one of the greatest gifts a few weeks ago, the birth of my nephew. When I had both my children, Lily (my sister), was in the delivery room with David and I. So, when she found out she was pregnant, I was so excited that she wanted me to be a part of their big day!!

There is something so beautiful about the birth of a child, something I cannot explain, or fulling understand myself. So, having the opportunity to photograph these moments, is something I felt so privileged and honored to do.

Thank you, Lily and TJ, for letting me be apart of this, its something I’ll never forget!

A Birth Story: Harlyn Lee Hamric

Life Lately

Here’s a little life lately, you know, since I haven’t been on here much recently!


I guess I haven’t really posted much since Rosalie started school. She’s at school, everyday, from 8:30 until 2:45. It took a little getting use to, not having my girl around. She loves it though, and the excitement on her face when she tells me stories of stuff that goes on throughout her day, makes my time away from her bearable! Oh, and the fact that she is learning so much, and SO FAST! Everyday when we get home from school, we go on a long walk (some of you have probably seen from all my instastories)!! We love being outside, and although this warm November weather is a little strange, I’m not going to complain, because we love soaking it up! Oh yeah, and we have a new puppy! He’s a German Shepherd, and his name is Flynn Rider. Lucy is still the queen of this house, and Flynn has already been reminded of this, several times..





^^Her favorite boots are just about worn out…^^



^^My sister’s sweet little guy!! So in love with him…. kinda makes me want to have five more!!! ^^ ❤ ❤


^^ I love this sweet family^^ Rosalie danced and took swim lessons with Whitley last year and her sweet mom, Hayley, was always so kind to me. She was probably one of 5 people that Llewyn would go to as a tiny baby!


^^These silly girls!! What else can I say?!^^

Such a fun weekend of festivities!



^^This will probably be my favorite Halloween, because David actually participated in dressing up. I haven’t been very successful at making that happen past Halloweens, but when I said Star Wars, and then added Han Solo and a Gun to the mix, how could he say no?! So much fun. ^^