Knight Family Photos


As many of you know, photography has been a passion of mine for a while. My mom put me in lessons as a kid, and I learned on an old Canon 35 millimeter film camera, one where you had to be patient, while your film developed! Although, I was grateful for that old camera, I love my digital now, and how instant it is. I take so many photos, like A LOT… of my children! (guilty mom) So, when some one asks me to take some photos for them, I’m always a little shocked.. Me? Really? I’D LOVE TO!! I don’t really consider myself a photographer, just a lover of special moments and memories, that can be captured with a camera. Don’t get me wrong, I love capturing my kiddos, but there’s something special about capturing someone else’s moments! I loved taking Landon’s first birthday photos back in the summer ( Here) and I didn’t think he could get much cuter, but oh my!!!!! and he’s such a lucky little guy to have a big brother like Colton! Such a beautiful family!! ❤

Isn’t Carrie just beautiful!?!?

This is a favorite ^^



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