Monday Mornings


Happy Monday, friends!! I hope everyone’s week is off to a wonderful start!

So, I did mention, last Monday, I would be sharing some exciting stuff this week, so here we are! While sitting down a few weeks ago, going over what kinds of goals our family would aim for this year, of course, health is always at the top of any ones list, but when talking about health are we talking about, fitness related, dietary related, sleep…( because we know thats on my list) or maybe just focusing on what little things we can change, through out our daily life, that would have a huge impact, like removing chemicals from our homes! Sounds difficult, yep! Sounds like a lot of work, yep! Sounds expensive, yep! I sound like a quack right?  I know, I know, but hear me out! I mean, chemicals are in everything.. cleaning supplies, shampoos, lotions, baby wipes, our food, shampoo, laundry detergent and dryer sheets, basically everything. And the crazy part is, this stuff is being put on our bodies, are in our clothes, that our bodies wear for HOURS, on our beds.. yeah, I could keep going, but you might be freaking out at this point. Now, I realize, this is something that may take weeks, maybe months, possibly years, but YOU GUYS…. we are worth it, our children deserve it!

Let me explain to you how I got here…

So, I have a ton of friends, who use essential oils, or products with the oils in them, to replace the chemicals in their homes, along with other benefits. I was always like, “Seriously, who has the time for all that!? Make my own this and that… no thanks!” Finding the time in the day, to fold laundry and give the kids a bath is hard enough!  So, it basically came down to me cleaning the tub one day, and the cleaner I was using was burning my eyes ( I think it was like comet scrub bubbles or something) and I had a thought–about how I was washing the place my children come to get clean, with these awful chemicals, that are burning my eyes! I’ve always used BabyGanics hygiene products on my kids, yet I’m washing the tub with this potent, toxic, garbage that is probably making it’s way into their little bodies every time they step foot in this polluted place!! (if you think I’m a nut, go to, and read up on your cleaners or detergents!) So then, I thought back to that friend, who had already made this awesome decision for her family, and who had sent me samples even! I reached out to her, and she introduced me to Young Living, their products, and everything they have to offer, and David and I were amazed. You guys, we aren’t just talking essential oils, but I’m talking all natural, plant based, house hold cleaners, shampoo, vitamins, laundry soaps, and a whole line for kids, and that doesn’t even touch it. Life changing! I mean really, its going to be life changing!

So, what I’m trying to get at is, there are all sorts of  ways to improve our lifestyles, our children’s lives, and even if you are taking one tiny step at a time, thats huge, you are heading in the right direction! We can’t get their over night, but we can get there. Our lives are so far from perfect, there are so many improvements we could make to become healthier, but as long as we continue to realize that, and move forward, making one improvement at a time, that’s something to celebrate and be proud of!

So, I’m going to continue sharing with you all, about all the amazing products we try,  how we are applying them to our lives, and just our journey into living a healthier life, in hopes that it helps one family! If you want more info about what we’re doing, message me or comment below. I would be happy to give suggestions, advice, or samples, if you’re interested in making this change with me! If you want to try the products, and make a wholesale account (and get 24% off and earn free stuff through essential rewards!!) you can go here.  You can also go here and check out Young Living’s products, because they truly are amazing. Anyone who purchases a premium starter kit, through the month of February, will receive a Thieves household cleaner, from me!! Here are a few photos, of my favorite little items in the starter kit minus the diffuser!



^^ sorry thats so blurry, but those my friends, are like liquid gold!^^ (insert all the praise emojis)





Have a great week, everyone!!! Hugs!


Sweet Potato Toast– Our favorites!

Something I really enjoy doing, that I don’t often share on my blog, is cooking and experimenting with recipes and different foods. My children, are picky eaters, so trying to find things they approve and that are healthy, can be a challenge. Rosalie, being four, has become really interested in food, cooking, and knowing all about what she’s eating. She loves to watch me cook, and to pitch in and help. My mom let me cook, from the age I could reach the stove, and gosh, I remember having so many failures, but I loved it, and it educated me, so that I could make healthy decisions now! I believe it’s so important for our children to learn about foods, (real foods, not just what’s in a box, because who can seriously read those ingredients?) know what they are eating, and to be able to make healthy decisions for them selves, even at four! Having fun in the kitchen, is not only awesome family bonding time, but gives children a sort of responsibility to feel like they are trusted to make good decisions with what they choose to eat. It’s also our responsibility as parents, to invest this time into teaching them to live a healthier life, because its going to lead to how they live their lives in the future! So, I’ve decided to try to write and share more kid friendly/healthy ideas for kids, for you mommas, (or anyone) who struggle with ideas… I struggle daily!

Here is a quick, and easy recipe for sweet potato toast! I don’t eat bread (if I can help it) so I don’t really make meals with bread, other than Rosalie’s sandwich for school everyday. This toast is such a healthy alternative, and has really become a favorite in our house!

Sweet Potato Toast 

Try to buy the largest sweet potatoes you can find (they are easier to cut and make better toast)

Peel your potatoes, and preheat your oven to 375F

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper

Slice your potatoes in thin slice (or really how ever thick or thin you want them) dsc_0566

When I’m making these, I make a lot so I can store them in the fridge and use them as needed throughout the week! Just pop them in your toaster oven!

After the potatoes are sliced line them on the sheet, and brush both sides with olive oil (not necessary but I always do)

Bake for 15-20 minutes per side (mine aren’t normally super crispy, so if you like that, you may want to bake them longer)

I store mine in the fridge for 1 week and when I need a few, I either pop them in the toaster a couple times, or heat up a skilled and toast them on the stove.

Here are our favorite ways to eat them!

We like to add some almond butter (or peanut butter) fruit, cinnamon, and a bit of honey! (this is probably my favorite and is an awesome filling breakfast)


We also love adding chicken or tuna salad, topped with avocado! (the options are endless!)


And this is Rosalie’s favorite because.. anything with bacon! Am I right!?

So, a little BLT! Sometimes, I even add a slice hard boiled egg!


I hope you try it, and like it! If you have any questions, or felt I left something out, leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to help!

Monday Mornings


Oh you guys, it was a struggle to get up this morning. Llewyn, the past few nights, has been waking every hour demanding me. The poor guy is teething again, and I’m hoping these are the last to come in. I felt like a zombie this morning, running around the house getting Rosalie ready for school. Also noted, pretty sure my eye bags have their own eye bags at this point. Anyway, I’m here, drinking pounds of coffee, pretending to be productive… Happy Monday!

I wanted to share a few things, since I haven’t been on here much recently, and I don’t really like to share a lot of personal stuff (besides a few pictures of my kids) on Facebook (I tend to share a lot more on Instagram because I feel like it’s much more positive.) I figure, those who want to know whats going on in our live, can click to my blog, instead of sharing things on FB to people, who don’t really care.

For those of you who didn’t know, we recently moved! New Year’s weekend to be exact! probably the hardest move I’ve ever made, just because of all the hard work and love we put into making our Rockbridge Baths house a home, (which will be on the market soon!!!!) but I’m already in love with our new house, and am really excited to grown in it, and make it our home. Our main reason for moving, was so we could be closer to grandparents, work and school. It’s been super convenient.

Something exciting for me, I’m in my last semester at Mary Baldwin. (all the celebrating emojis inserted here) Never thought these days would come, throwing a husband and two kids into the mix slowed the process down a little, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I’m almost positive they have taught me more in the past 5 years, than a degree ever could.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what I’ll do with my Studio Art degree, and if I figure it out, I’ll let you know! For now, I’ll continue to paint, have more shows, give a few lessons, and work from home while raising my little ones!

This year, I’m going to pursue photography more than I have in the past. I’ve always loved the art, and sharing it with others. So, thats something I’ll share with you at a later date. ❤

I do want to focus more on my blog this year. I don’t want it to feel forced, but I feel like it’s such a good platform to make my voice heard, to share my beliefs, my life, and ideas,  in hopes that someone will benefit from a piece of it.

and one more thing– stay tuned next Monday Morning, for some more exciting news!

Anyway, I hope everyone stays dry today, and has a blessed week! Hugs and love to each of you!

by the way, my amazing friend Rachel Kaly, who’s blog is here designed my awesome logo at the top of this page! My signature and my flower! How awesome is she?!