14 Days of Love


  Happy February!! Getting excited about spreading lots of love this month!  Valentines day is a favorite of mine, not sure if its all the hearts, all the pink, or just all the LOVE!  Have you guys noticed how every year, like with any holiday, Valentines day has become more and more commercialized? It’s become more about expressing your love through giving expensive gifts, and less about pinpointing all the reasons you love that person in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving gifts, and receiving gifts, but can’t you show someone you love them, without spending money? David and I always go out to dinner, some where (where chicken nuggets aren’t on the menu) because honestly, just that time together, with out the kids, enjoying each others company, with out having to negotiate how many bites are left until dessert, is the greatest!! This year, we both have so many things going on, but I want to take the time everyday for 14 days, to let David know how much I love and appreciate him. It’s so easy to over look the small things, like when he remembers to plug my phone in, because I don’t, or brings me a glass of water before bed, because he knows I need it, even if I don’t think I do, or letting me and the kids watch our movie, instead of what he wants to watch. These things sound small, but to me they are huge, and often over looked. So, for the next 14 days, everyday, I’m going to leave my husband a surprise note, something I’m thankful for, or reason’s why I’m so happy he’s mine (there are SO MANY!)

Today, I’m leaving a little note in his work truck, that he’ll find later today. One of my favorite qualities about my husband–his faith, and the Godly man he is for our family! “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” Ephesians 5:28 We love because Christ loved us first! I’m such a blessed woman, to have a husband, who shows me this kind of love, even during the times when I don’t deserve it! ❤ So many hearts!!


Another idea, if you and your spouse haven’t read the book, Love and Respect, its a good one, and would be an awesome read during this loving season! dsc_0700

dsc_0720I’m not going to share every day, but if you want to follow along, and do 14 days of love as well, please do! Let’s spread all kinds of love to everyone! #14daysoflove


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