Baby Lennon

Baby Lennon at two weeks old!


Lennon wear what his daddy wore home from the hospital when he was a newborn!





Essential Oils–Why it’s essential!

If you haven’t checked out the Essential Oil page on my blog, you can find it here. It’s a really good place to start, because I talk about what oils are, and the basics.

Since starting my essential oil journey, I’ve basically been eating, sleeping and breathing oils… quite literarily! I’ve learned so much in just a few short months, and it constantly amazes me, and has me wanting to learn more. Because this has become such a huge part of our lives (like, super amazing and magical part) I want to share them with YOU and see them change YOUR lifestyle and wellness as well!

Why is it Essential

Questions I see so often when someone shows interest in oils– Why Young Living? Why not the cheaper oils you can conveniently purchase at your nearest grocery store, (or from other companies that have started selling them…I’m really trying not to get started on this one…..) What’s the difference, and why pay more for Young Living? I get these questions, I probably would have asked them too, but let me ask you–Would you agree with me that your health and your body is important and keeping a healthy body is something we all strive for? For me, staying healthy and ensuring my body’s wellness, is something I live for everyday. Not just for me, but for my kids as well. When I’m putting something on their little bodies, I want to know the ingredients, and know I’m not causing them harm now, or harm in their future. Our wellness and the future of it is essential!

Choosing Oils is Essential

Young Living oils are 100% therapeutic grade oils. Which means the entire bottle is 100% therapeutical grade oil. No dilution. Ever. (in the link I posted above to my EO page, you’ll read about Young Living’s Seed to Seal process and this truly sets them apart from any other company!!) When you buy oils at your grocery store or healthy food market, it may say 100% essential oil, but that may mean 10% of what’s in the bottle is 100% essential oil, and the rest is, who knows what! So really, you may be buying 20% essential oil, and the rest is some sort of carrier oil. The store bought oil, you will probably have to use half a bottle, maybe more, to get the benefits of what 5 drops of Young Living oils can do. So, which to you think will have the most benefit for your family? No brainer, right? I mean quality makes all the difference when it comes to our wellness and the wellness of those who we love!

This is me getting started on ^ that one…

So, when I saw Scentsy started selling essential oils, I kind of laughed out loud a little, because it’s not about the scent at all… (at least not completely) I mean, if you’re only looking for an oil, because you want it to smell good, please buy oils from Scentsy. Kidding, don’t. Please don’t….. Oils aren’t about the smell, I mean, sure some of them smell really nice (lavender, Stress Away, Jasmine) but others have to grow on you, and some never do, which I have found, are the ones I need the most in my life! If you are looking to use oils for wellness, the compounds that make up these oils, how they are extracted, tested and bottled, are far more important than what they smell like. It’s much, much more, than just a fragrance, its essential!

If you’ve read my posts, and your thinking “wow, this sounds awesome, maybe I should try these!?” Yes, you should! Take the leap, try them, love them, and share them! Your life is essential!

Email me, or private message me on social media for questions and info on how to get started! ❤ Sign up under me here or ask the person, who’s reached out to you about oils, how to sign up under them!


Thomas Spring 2017

Editing these photos was almost as fun as taking them–super easy!! I’m so use to taking photos of my children, where it’s a chore sometimes to get both of them to look at the camera, smile, or even want to have their photo taken. It was so fun working with Thomas, who was so natural and so relaxed! I love all of these photos (especially his “Fun Pose” photos below!)



^^ Probably my favorite two photos– so fun to be a kid!!!^^



^^Love this smile!^^


Haley and Logan Prom 2017

You guys, how cute are these two?! They were such a fun couple to photograph! Haley’s dress was stunning, and Logan’s smile, was perfect! So happy I got to be a part of their exciting day!