Pink Blush, A Top Knot, and The Third Trimester


As of two weeks ago, we’re officially in the home stretch of this pregnancy, or the “third trimester!” I haven’t blogged a ton about this pregnancy, because 1- I’m staying pretty busy chasing two little ones around already, and 2- who really wants to hear about the THIRD pregnancy anyway… am I right? “Oh, yeah, they’re having anotherrrrrrrr baby!”  This pregnancy hasn’t been a breeze though… more like a tornado of emotions, but its going by so fast, and we cannot wait to welcome this baby boy in just two short months!

So, I did kind of cave this time around, and decided to try out some maternity clothes (I never wore them with my last two pregnancies) and Pink Blush was kind enough to send me a few pieces to try out, and this dress is one of them! ….andddd I LOVE IT! (it can seriously be styled soon many ways!)

First off, I don’t typically like maternity clothes… they always make me feel larger than I am, and just the styles aren’t appealing to me. But trying to choose what to order from Pink Blush was so hard, because everything is SO cute! You know I love a good dress though, so that’s what I went with, and I don’t feel like it’s “maternity-ish” at all, and I even plan to wear it after I deliver this fall (maybe with booties and a cute jean jacket!) It’s also super comfortable, which is the most important thing while pregnant! If you haven’t checked out their site HERE is the link (maternity friends and non maternity friends) Also, if you want to check out this dress you can go HERE! It comes in other colors as well!







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