What’s in my diaper bag (almost) three kids later…


20562061_10209168228753940_75080493_nI posted a diaper bag essentials a few years ago, that you can find HERE and surprisingly it’s almost exactly the same!

I remember after having Rosalie (I think my diaper bag was a long champ purse) I would  take everything with me when I left the house, in fear that I would forget something, or need something I wasn’t thinking about… Yep, first time mom. Llewyn came a long, and I had kind of figured out what the necessities were, so my diaper bag, which was upgraded from a huge purse, was a little more organized, with much fewer items.  I can remember changing Rosalie’s diaper when we were out somewhere (she was only like a month old) and because I had packed EVERYTHING in the bag, I couldn’t find what was suppose to be the purpose of the bag, a diaper… talk about panic mode. So, I try to keep it simple and organized, and if I’m out somewhere, and I need something that bad, there’s always Target.. ha ha ha

So, here’s a little bit about what’s essential to have in my bag, now having two and soon to be, three little ones.


First off– I think finding a good diaper bag, that you like, is neutral and will go with anything you wear, is key (maybe ask your hubby if he would carry it too?…..or not… yeah, probably not.. ) Also, one that has lots of pockets for organizing, and I find that a back pack style bag, is the way to go! This one is from Fawn Design, and I’m really not sure how I’ve gone so long without it, because it really is the best!


^^basically everything I have in there, minus a few little things (water bottle, wallet, lipstick or makeup, cellphone, first aid.)


I always carry a book, and some sort of toy/stuffed animal, and I normally switch these things out so they don’t get bored with it. I also have a pacifier pictured with a clip, and this is something I always carried, even though R and L never took one.. (just in case…ya know?) Fingers crossed for this baby boy though!


I always throw some sort of snack in my bag, and it’s normally these pouches or granola (what ever is easy!) Also, Rosalie and her hair clips…


Extra change of clothes for a new born.. yeah, that’s key…..the blow outs are the real deal people! Also, while I’m potty training, I always carry a change of clothes just in case. Bug spray, really a seasonal necessity, but they love my kids as much as I do, so I have to keep it on hand. I don’t normally pack sunscreen, because I use a babyganics lotion that has it included (but if we are going to be in the sun playing, I’ll throw it in too!)  I  keep a roller bottle of peace and calming essential oil, do you need to ask…..? No, its not for my kids, its for me!!! (if you don’t pack this in your diaper bag….. please do yourself a favor and message me!) “Hanitizer” because germs.. and it’s thieves and it smells good, and it can be so entertaining.. DSC_4101

Diapers and Wipes, and a blanket, because I’m still not comfortable nursing in public with out one.


I hope this is helpful to someone, if you’re a new mom, or a mom who’s still trying to figure it out, like me!

Any questions, feel free to leave a comment/email me!



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