Our Favorite Back to School Finds


I can’t believe summer is almost gone, and school officially starts (for Rosalie anyway) in two weeks! Off to kindergarten she goes, and although I’ll miss her, we’re both excited for another great year at Rockbridge Christian Academy!

When I was thinking about putting together a “back to school” post, I’m thinking this might not be super helpful to many, just because Rosalie does go to a private school and has to wear uniforms. Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled about the uniforms at all, at first… I mean, that’s some of the fun of having a daughter, is picking out all the cute clothes, right!? Well, let me tell you about all the headache these uniforms saved me when it came to getting Rosalie ready in the mornings! I mean, when you only have a few color uniforms to pick from, it makes it a pretty simple process!

We kind of learned last year, how to spice up her uniform with cute shoes, hair clips, a cute jacket (which she can’t wear inside if it doesn’t match) or cute socks, and I have to say, its made mornings a breeze! So, here are a few of our favorite finds this year, private school or not, and I’ll link everything below too!


Back to school

1. Rosalie and I both love hair clips, and the Cat and Jack brand (from Target) have the cutest ones! You can find these above HERE!

2. This book bag is also Cat and Jack, and can be found HERE!

3. Rosalie loved these sneakers with the pom pom’s HERE also Cat and Jack (seriously though… the cutest stuff!)

4. The cute knee socks are from HERE!

5. These kitty shoes are probably our favorite shoes ( same company as her popsicle shoes and minnie and mickey shoes) and you can find them HERE!

6. I was surprised at how many places sell uniforms. Her school colors are Navy, Light Blue, Khaki, and White. This year, we bought quite a few dresses from HERE!




That pizza hair clip is my favorite……. everything linked above!!!

And here are a few of Rosalie’s non-school picks!


*^^ everything from Cat and Jack line (wish those shoes came in my size)

and dinosaurs….come on!!!!!*



Jacket from Cat and Jack (sold out) shoes (mini melissa) linked above!

 Hope this is helpful to some! ❤


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