35 Weeks Pregnancy Update


I hit 35 weeks tomorrow, and honestly I feel like the time is creeping by at this point. Both Rosalie and Llewyn were early (37 weeks and 38 weeks) so maybe this time too… For the most part we are ready, we have diapers and wipes… that’s the important stuff! I feel so relaxed this time around and I don’t want to say “unprepared” but being the third time, I just know things will fall in to place, and we’ll get there.. so, no stress and no worries here!

Rosalie is getting excited, and completely knows what’s going on this time! It’s hard for her to grasp the time line of how soon the baby will be here, but like she said to me the other day while looking at my bare belly “mom, your baby is getting so big, it can’t fit much longer!’ She knows its soon! I also took her to an ultra sound appointment a few weeks ago, where she asked the tech is she could change it for a baby sister…. oh man…

Llewyn, well…when we ask him about the baby, he points to my belly and kisses it. He loves babies… but has no idea that he’s going to have one very soon! He’s being promoted to the big boy in the house, but I’m not so sure he’s ready. We’re working on it.

David is just so amazed by the acrobatics being performed in my belly. He’s always like, “wow, doesn’t that hurt?!” I mean, its not comfortable. He’s the best. Thankfully, his busiest time of year is right now, so by the time baby comes, things won’t be as hectic at work.. maybe……


My sister took a few photos for me (we’re trying to get a family session together soon, but its hard with David’s busy schedule!!) and I feel like I look so much smaller ( in these photos) than I actually am and feel! Maybe that’s why I love this Pink Blush dress so much. So comfortable, flattering, and that print… cannot go wrong with floral!! You can shop this dress here

or head over to their website here where you can find so many other beautiful maxi dresses!





One thought on “35 Weeks Pregnancy Update

  1. Susan says:

    Annie you are so beautiful and lily did an awesome job photographing you! Rosalie is too sweet and Llewelyn will be so excited when He gets to see and hold his little brother 💕 Much love , prayers and big hugs for all 💕💕💕


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