28034062_10210451119705412_849783530_oWho else love’s Valentine’s Day?! A holiday all about love and spreading love to one another, is one worth celebrating! Plus, we love giving Valentine’s baking treats, and all the crafts involved. Rosalie was home from school yesterday, because she caught a little bug over the weekend, but thankfully it didn’t even last an entire 24 hours! So grateful for the awesome support we get from these oils, ickies don’t hang around for very long at our house. She worked on her Valentines for school, and some for a local nursing home. She wanted to make some of them smell like her favorite oils (orange, lemon and Jasmine) so we placed them in a ziplock bag with s few drops of oils on a paper towel, and you guys would be amazed at how powerful just a few drops are! Like her mom, she wants to share oils with everyone! So, if you’d like to get started, use this link to get your kit, and you’ll receive a free orange essential oil from Rosalie and I (through 2/17/18!) The perfect Valentine’s Gift for your family!




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