Cauliflower Tortillas– A fun weekend recipe!


So, last month, I did the whole 30 diet, where you eliminate gluten, soy, dairy, all sugars minus fruit, (hmmm.. am I missing something.. because it seemed like a lot more..) and let me tell you, it was challenging at times (every time I passed a star bucks) but very rewarding, and I could see a huge change in my body. The diet really forced me to get creative in the kitchen and try different recipes and use foods in ways I never would have thought of. Like cauliflower tortillas…(who thinks of this stuff?!) But you guys, my whole family really enjoyed trying all these crazy recipes, and some of them are sticking around, even though my whole thirty month is over! I shared the sweet potato toast here and I hope some of you tried it, and loved it! (tell me what you thought!?) So, this was another popular recipe, so I though I would share it as well. Happy Friday, you guys! Have a great weekend, and enjoy!


Cauliflower Tortillas

1 head of cauliflower

2 eggs

juice of 1 lime

handful of cilantro chopped

salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 375 and line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper.

In a blender or food processor, pulse cauliflower (in batches) until it becomes a rice constancy.

place in a microwaveable bowl, and microwave for 3 minutes, stir and microwave another 3 minutes. (this helps to draw out the moisture)

Place in a cheese cloth (or paper towels) to remove excess water. (you have to really squeeze the water out)

Place back in bowl, add whisked eggs, lime juice, cilantro and salt and pepper. Mix until well blended.

Form a palm size ball of mixture, squeezing out any extra liquid, press out on cookie sheet, forming a thin tortilla size shape. (this part is kinda hard to explain, but once you start, you’ll get the picture!)

After you’ve used all your mixture (definitely takes 2 cookies sheets sometimes 3) bake tortillas on each side for 15 to 20 minutes until they start to brown, and crisp up around the edges. (they may take longer depending upon your oven)

Once they are done, you can serve as is, or in a cast iron skillet, heat a little oil (we use sunflower seed) on medium/high heat, and place tortillas in skillet (flipping) for more crispiness.

We ate ours with fajita topping one night, and Italian sausages with fried onions and peppers another night. We are excited to try fish tacos with them next! If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and I’m happy to help. Enjoy!



Our Christmas Tree Adventure… A short video


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I know we sure did. We loved having David home with us for four days straight. He was probably ready to get back to work today though, kids can do that to you after a while! he he  We had a great time Saturday getting our tree, and we picked out a good one, and some how, I didn’t get any photos of the tree before they cut it, or of them cutting it! Come on momma! I did get a few photos though, and I put together a little video too! Now, this video is pretty low quality, taken with my iPhone, vertically, which I’ll not do again and will use my camera next time, but I really like it and can’t wait to watch it every christmas with the kids as they get older!

It took us quite a while to find the “perfect tree” which in my mind, is always the misfit. We also had to find one that would last a whole month in the same room as our wood stove. After we found it, and you can see it in the video at one point, we tagged it, then the boys come out and cut it down, bag it up, and put it on your truck, while you get to enjoy chocolate chip cookies and cocoa! It’s kind of amazing!

We didn’t decorate the tree until after church yesterday, which is always my favorite part. Every year since I can remember, my mom always gave each of us a new ornament for the tree, that always tied in with that year some how. So, we are passing that down and doing it with our kids, and each other. I still have my first ornament, which was a white dove. I love all the hand made ornaments too. David has quite a few from when he was little, along with all of mine, and Rosalie’s. Our tree is pretty full, with so many memories and love!

I hope you enjoy this video! ❤




DSC_1070Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week?! It kind of crept up on me and I better get my ducks in a row, because I’m hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. Its only seven of us including R and L, so it’s not as bad as I just made it out to be. I’ve never cooked a turkey before though, so maybe it is that bad… A least I don’t have t worry about a center piece though, Rosalie has that covered with all the fun things she found on our nature scavenger hunt today! I’ve slowly been pulling out our christmas decorations. We are getting our tree this weekend, which has become a tradition now to get it Thanksgiving weekend. I’m so excited, we are going out to the christmas tree farm in Deer Field again this year, which is such a lovely place and it’s owned and run by the Boy’s Home in Covington. We love supporting them.

I’ve been working on giving the house a nice deep cleaning over the past few days, especially since there will be real people coming over through out the holidays. You know, dusting, washing windows, baseboards, catching up on laundry, or at least all the laundry that’s been dried, but hasn’t been put away yet, and a good tub scrubbing! I love how much Rosalie likes to jump right in and help, and she really is a big helper. I feel it’s so important to teach children how to be organized and how to keep things tidy at such a young age. I think by cleaning up after yourself and taking care of your toys, it teaches them how to be responsible and how to take care of the things they have. It’s kind of become habit for her, and I don’t feel like I’m constantly nagging her to pick up up after herself. Here are a few photos and just a few tips that work for Rosalie and keeping things tidy in the nursery.


If your little girls are anything like Rosalie, they change their clothes 85 times a day, and pull everything out of their dresser, so the room looks like a bomb went off..I mean she does get it honest. Rosalie is famous for wearing her nice church clothes out to play in the dirt or to the shop, and then they get ruined. So, after lots of scrubbing, soaking and washing on my part, I’ve organized her dresser in her room to only have play clothes in it and I keep all her nice clothes in our room, it’s not like she can really tell the difference between what’s play clothes and what’s church clothes, so it makes it easier for both of us.


My kids really don’t have a lot of toys. They have a few great toys they love, and that’s it. Also, I only allow a small box of toys downstairs,that we rotate out, that way their toys aren’t taking over the whole house. Storage bins really are the best thing in the world, and can make things look tidy REAL fast! ha ha..  I always organize bins for different toys, like stuffed animals, blocks, instruments, dolls, that way its just easy for her to find what she wants to play with, and doesn’t have to pull EVERYTHING out looking for one thing. It makes clean up easy too. Most of her bins fit right under her bed too, so that keeps things hidden and neat too.



This is only a small collection of our books, and I think some of them were mine when I was little. These are our favorites right now, but I switch them out instead of having a whole pile of books to get thrown around. Some people call the whole color coordinating thing OCD, but I call it learning your colors while picking up. :))


^^this chair was David’s Grandfather’s along with the twin beds in the nursery, which David and his brother used when they were wee ones^^DSC_0003

(see the chalk on the floor above) I thought I bought the kind that washed out. Yeah, but that’s Rosalie’s and Ella’s masterpiece..

This ^^^ is Rosalie’s shoe rack for the shoes she wears most often. It saves so much times trying to find matches when everything is together and organized like this, and you would be surprised that she has actually learned to keep it like this.


^^ a favorite toy^




^^ That hair^^

Rosalie loves “reading” to Llewyn and teaching him about Jesus, and obviously, Llewyn is very interested. 🙂


I got our winter clothes out a few weeks back and was all excited to have some cooler weather, and now here we are in November with 70 degree weather. With weather like this, Christmas doesn’t seem to be less than two months away. The kids and I have been enjoying spending time outside though, before it gets too cold. This time of year is always so exciting, and now that I have children it’s even better. There are so many fun traditions that my mom did with my siblings and I when we were younger, I can’t wait to share those with Rosalie and Llewyn and to make our own family traditions. The most important thing we will celebrate, is the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ, and to share his love, grace and kindness with others. That’s what Christmas is really about after all. Here are a few photo’s of us stuck in between seasons, notice the beanies! :))) Also, Happy Veterans Day, to all the wonderful men and women who have served and are serving. And to the families and their sacrifices. Thank you!!!!








Feeling more like ourselves


^^look at those sweet smiles^^

Thank you all for your prayers. We are starting to feel much better over here, still not 100% though. This cold is just awful, I don’t remember being this sick since I was very little. There’s nothing more that I dislike than seeing my child sick, especially when they don’t understand it. We have been so fortunate to have such healthy babies. Rosalie has only been sick a few times and only for a short time, so this was very new to her and for me to see her like that. Thankfully, Llewyn did not get sick, another benefit to breastfeeding! I’m not able to take any medicine for my cold because I’m nursing, but I probably wouldn’t anyway. I like to avoid medicine if I can. I’m not against it, but I believe our bodies can do amazing things, and if we just give them the chance, they can really put up a fight.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, and all the kiddos got some candy. Our candy has been hiding out since we’ve been sick. Chocolate and a cold just don’t mix….

So, we dressed up as Elsa, Anna, and Olaf for halloween, which I’m sure some of you saw. When Rosalie told me thats what she wanted to dress up as, it really made my life pretty easy, because that’s normally the first thing she puts on in the morning anyway. My costume however, put my sewing skills to test and Llewyn’s little had was pretty simple! Rosalie asked me this morning if I wanted to wear my Anna costume today. Getting to play dress up with you 3 year old every day, it just doesn’t get any better than that!


We spent some time outside today, which helped us feel a little better I’m sure. It’s amazing what a little fresh air can do for ya.

Here are some photos!

DSC_0974DSC_0975DSC_0979DSC_0953^^this was taken last week when it was colder and rainy, trust me you don’t want to see sick Annie!^^DSC_0954


^^I think he is the most chill, relaxed baby ever…thank you, Llewyn!^^


^^can you believe our Lucy girl is 7!? She’s the best girl ever!^^



^^How is it possible that my 3 month old is almost the same size as my 3 year old!?^^

Enjoy your week!

Bowling Fun


^^ this photo is too funny not to share^^

Llewyn fell asleep pretty early last night, so when he sleeps, I sleep, and we slept hard last night (I think he woke up once for 5 seconds!) I don’t know if it was the mountain air from driving on the Parkway yesterday, but wow… I’m feeling refreshed and I’m going to make this Monday MINE!!!

We had a great weekend!

Friday night we went out to dinner with the kids, which wasn’t a challenge and was very enjoyable! Saturday morning, Llewyn and I met such a dear friend of mine, Rachel for coffee and donuts. I think this was the first time we got together to hang out, and didn’t take any photos, well, I did snap one!

Rosalie and David worked on the house with my dad and his dad. (Don’t you love how I say Rosalie, like she worked on the house too!) They got SO much done, and my soon to be bedroom almost has a floor!  But the coolest thing happened Saturday while we were working. An unfamilure car pulled in the driveway, and come to find out, the family use to live in our house many, many years ago. The woman is 91 years old now, and although she really didn’t remember the house, her daughter who also grew up here, remembered everything. She told us so many stories about living on the farm and her mother loved Llewyn and Rosalie. Its funny how babies can just light a person up. Anyway, they live in Maryland now, and she said next time they come down, she will bring us some photos of the house from when they lived here! This house has certainly been loved throughout the years, and has been home to many. So happy we can call it ours for now.

We had plans to go to the Drive-inn Saturday night, but when you have little ones, plans can change at any moment. So, we went bowling! I hadn’t been bowling since four years ago, when I was in England staying with my cousin and I can’t say I’ve ever been any good. David said he hadn’t been for at least ten years! Rosalie had a ball, really she did! ha ha

Yesterday after church, we decided to to take a drive on the parkway. The views were so beautiful. The colors of fall are my favorite. Yesterday just reminded me of how great our God is, and how thankful I am for his creation! We didn’t get home until eight, so it was obviously a good time, Rosalie had fun and Llewyn slept a lot!

Here are a few photos!


^^I forgot, we also painted pumpkins Saturday^^



^^Davids dad, Stephen, with Llewyn^^


^^check out the cool bowling slide^^



^^Rosalie and I chatting it up about how us girls have to stick together and beat papa!^^


^^my guys^^




^^I know this photo is blurry, but this is my life now days^^


^^from yesterday on the parkway^^


^^One day, when I can breath for a few minutes, I’m going to paint this^^


^^and this^^




^^it was super windy up there and cold..Oh and Rosalie is saying to Llewyn, “Don’t worry buddy, I’ll hold your hand!”^DSC_0940

^^I just bought a tripod, so we can get David in there too^^