DSC_1070Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week?! It kind of crept up on me and I better get my ducks in a row, because I’m hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. Its only seven of us including R and L, so it’s not as bad as I just made it out to be. I’ve never cooked a turkey before though, so maybe it is that bad… A least I don’t have t worry about a center piece though, Rosalie has that covered with all the fun things she found on our nature scavenger hunt today! I’ve slowly been pulling out our christmas decorations. We are getting our tree this weekend, which has become a tradition now to get it Thanksgiving weekend. I’m so excited, we are going out to the christmas tree farm in Deer Field again this year, which is such a lovely place and it’s owned and run by the Boy’s Home in Covington. We love supporting them.

I’ve been working on giving the house a nice deep cleaning over the past few days, especially since there will be real people coming over through out the holidays. You know, dusting, washing windows, baseboards, catching up on laundry, or at least all the laundry that’s been dried, but hasn’t been put away yet, and a good tub scrubbing! I love how much Rosalie likes to jump right in and help, and she really is a big helper. I feel it’s so important to teach children how to be organized and how to keep things tidy at such a young age. I think by cleaning up after yourself and taking care of your toys, it teaches them how to be responsible and how to take care of the things they have. It’s kind of become habit for her, and I don’t feel like I’m constantly nagging her to pick up up after herself. Here are a few photos and just a few tips that work for Rosalie and keeping things tidy in the nursery.


If your little girls are anything like Rosalie, they change their clothes 85 times a day, and pull everything out of their dresser, so the room looks like a bomb went off..I mean she does get it honest. Rosalie is famous for wearing her nice church clothes out to play in the dirt or to the shop, and then they get ruined. So, after lots of scrubbing, soaking and washing on my part, I’ve organized her dresser in her room to only have play clothes in it and I keep all her nice clothes in our room, it’s not like she can really tell the difference between what’s play clothes and what’s church clothes, so it makes it easier for both of us.


My kids really don’t have a lot of toys. They have a few great toys they love, and that’s it. Also, I only allow a small box of toys downstairs,that we rotate out, that way their toys aren’t taking over the whole house. Storage bins really are the best thing in the world, and can make things look tidy REAL fast! ha ha..  I always organize bins for different toys, like stuffed animals, blocks, instruments, dolls, that way its just easy for her to find what she wants to play with, and doesn’t have to pull EVERYTHING out looking for one thing. It makes clean up easy too. Most of her bins fit right under her bed too, so that keeps things hidden and neat too.



This is only a small collection of our books, and I think some of them were mine when I was little. These are our favorites right now, but I switch them out instead of having a whole pile of books to get thrown around. Some people call the whole color coordinating thing OCD, but I call it learning your colors while picking up. :))


^^this chair was David’s Grandfather’s along with the twin beds in the nursery, which David and his brother used when they were wee ones^^DSC_0003

(see the chalk on the floor above) I thought I bought the kind that washed out. Yeah, but that’s Rosalie’s and Ella’s masterpiece..

This ^^^ is Rosalie’s shoe rack for the shoes she wears most often. It saves so much times trying to find matches when everything is together and organized like this, and you would be surprised that she has actually learned to keep it like this.


^^ a favorite toy^




^^ That hair^^

Rosalie loves “reading” to Llewyn and teaching him about Jesus, and obviously, Llewyn is very interested. 🙂

Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials Collage

This is a trial and error kinda process with the diaper bag. My diaper bag when Rosalie was a baby, had everything and the kitchen sink in it, and slowly I learned, there are only a few essentials I really need to carry around. Here are some of the items I’ve found are the most important and most used for us!

1. No brainer, a wallet.. Mine lives in my diaper bag now, because I’m less likely to forget my diaper bag over my wallet, so I just keep it in there at all times.

2. Lipstick!!!! Most days I barely wear make up, just because I don’t have the time to deal with it, so I’ll just put on a little lipstick once I get in the car.

3. My phone, although I forget that thing all the time! I mean, I can be talking on it and looking for it at the same time. Really though, I’m trying to get better about burying it at the bottom of the diaper bag, and not worrying about it.

4. Hand sanitizer or as Rosalie calls it Hanatizer. I love the Babyganics brand because it doesn’t have any alcohol in it and it’s all natural. It’s also foamy which is fun.

5. I always carry sunglasses, a lot of times they just end up on my head, holding my hair back where I forget about them, but I feel naked without them! This brand, and my favorite brand, are Karen Walker Anytime Sunglasses.

6. Pacifier. I was against pacifiers with Rosalie, so she never really took one. I tried to give Llewyn one the day he was born, and he just looked up at me like, “really, mom?” Occasionally, he will take one to go to sleep, but he’s not the biggest fan. This brand is Natursutten, which is a BPA free, natural rubber pacifier. It’s really a good one for breastfed babies, and is our favorite.

7. Water Bottle. When we are out and about, Rosalie only drinks water, and of course as a nursing momma, I need my water too! We love the Life Factory glass water bottles. We have been using them since she was really little. They come in different sizes, and have different tops. You can even get them as baby bottles.

8. I always carry some sort of snack for Rosalie. These fruit pouches are easy, and she loves them. We also like almonds, or dried fruit.

9. A book. Always have to have some form of entertainment. Sometimes I bring stickers, but I’ve hidden them recently because my car looked like it had snowed stickers inside…

10. Change of clothes. I still carry a change of clothes for Rosalie even though she’s been potty trained for a while now, you just never know. I aways keep plain white onesies for Llewyn.

11. A blanket. I love Aden and Anais blankets, so normally I will keep a couple in the car or bag. Rosalie always wants one if she’s going to nap in the car.

12. DIAPERS.. it is a diaper bag after all… We love Honest Company diapers, but recently they haven’t had Llewyn’s size at Target. I know I could order them online, but then I wouldn’t have an excuse to go to Target, so now we use Target brand diapers, and we love them!

13. Wipes, cause what’s a diaper without a wipe?! (I’m going to tell you this, because I’m that mom…but today, Llewyn had a SUPER blowout…I mean, he had been holding out for days, and I was starting to worry..anyway, it was so bad, I had to cut his onesie off him to try to avoid getting it all over his face..it just wasn’t worth trying to save!) Back to wipes, I use the Babyganics wipes also, and I even carry the little pack that are made for cleaning highchairs and seats and what not, the are great!

14. Band-Aides When you have a toddler, you know BAND-AIDES are a must. They want one for ever little ding and scrape. What can I say, band-aides are the new sticker!

I hope this wasn’t a bore, and I hope it helps someone in some way. I know pictures of littles ones are more exciting, but this was a post I’ve been procrastinating on for a while now.

Happy almost Friday!