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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the life blood of plants– roots, flowers, resins, stems, herbs and fruits– and are primarily extracted through careful distillation or cold pressing. These powerful oils are made up of natural compounds that penetrate cell membranes and can diffuse throughout our blood and tissues. They have protective and medicinal properties that are the plants natural defense system. This defense works the same in humans, by restoring our body and bringing about healing and balance.


   How to use them?

These health-promoting botanicals can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, or taken internally to bring about nourishment, protection, and restoration to one’s life. Have you ever stopped to inhale the aroma of lavender, while snipping herbs in your garden? Or breathings deeply after sticking your nose into a banquet of flowers? Have you ever noticed the refreshing aroma that fills the room while slicing citrus fruits? If you can say yes to these, than you have already experienced essential oils!


     Seed to Seal

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what brand you buy, or where you source things to bring into your home, but when it comes to essential oils, well, its essential! There’s a key to producing the highest and purest quality oil, and Young Living’s seed to seal process, is the focus on making every oil, the best it can be. Young Living oils are never diluted, cut or adulterated. The process starts with hand picked organic seeds, that are chosen for optimal therapeutic benefits, and are then planted, and harvested in certified co-op farms, all over the world. Each little amber bottle of oil, is inspected before being delivered to your door. Young Living’s process it what sets them apart, and makes them incomparable. Quality makes all the difference when it comes to your wellness!

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