A Birth Story: Harlyn Lee Hamric

I got to experience one of the greatest gifts a few weeks ago, the birth of my nephew. When I had both my children, Lily (my sister), was in the delivery room with David and I. So, when she found out she was pregnant, I was so excited that she wanted me to be a part of their big day!!

There is something so beautiful about the birth of a child, something I cannot explain, or fulling understand myself. So, having the opportunity to photograph these moments, is something I felt so privileged and honored to do.

Thank you, Lily and TJ, for letting me be apart of this, its something I’ll never forget!

A Birth Story: Harlyn Lee Hamric

Life Lately

Here’s a little life lately, you know, since I haven’t been on here much recently!


I guess I haven’t really posted much since Rosalie started school. She’s at school, everyday, from 8:30 until 2:45. It took a little getting use to, not having my girl around. She loves it though, and the excitement on her face when she tells me stories of stuff that goes on throughout her day, makes my time away from her bearable! Oh, and the fact that she is learning so much, and SO FAST! Everyday when we get home from school, we go on a long walk (some of you have probably seen from all my instastories)!! We love being outside, and although this warm November weather is a little strange, I’m not going to complain, because we love soaking it up! Oh yeah, and we have a new puppy! He’s a German Shepherd, and his name is Flynn Rider. Lucy is still the queen of this house, and Flynn has already been reminded of this, several times..





^^Her favorite boots are just about worn out…^^



^^My sister’s sweet little guy!! So in love with him…. kinda makes me want to have five more!!! ^^ ❤ ❤


^^ I love this sweet family^^ Rosalie danced and took swim lessons with Whitley last year and her sweet mom, Hayley, was always so kind to me. She was probably one of 5 people that Llewyn would go to as a tiny baby!


^^These silly girls!! What else can I say?!^^

Such a fun weekend of festivities!



^^This will probably be my favorite Halloween, because David actually participated in dressing up. I haven’t been very successful at making that happen past Halloweens, but when I said Star Wars, and then added Han Solo and a Gun to the mix, how could he say no?! So much fun. ^^

Llewyn’s first birthday, and he’s quite the party animal!

DSC_0653 (2)And just like that, my baby is one!

I feel like I was a little unprepared for Llewyn to turn one. It kind of happened so fast the second time around, and last minute, I was like..OH YEAH, we need to have a party! When Rosalie turned one, I had planned her birthday party months in advance. Every little detail mattered, down to the iced lemons floating in the water. It was a beautiful day, that I had worked hard to plan… and it went by so fast! Llewyn’s birthday was just as great, with only half the planning and stress. We just had a simple get together, at our home, with a few family and friends. It really was a perfect day!! Here are a few photos!

DSC_0636 (2)

DSC_0706 (2)


DSC_0709 (2)

DSC_0662 (2)

DSC_0667 (2)DSC_0702 (2)


DSC_0746 (2)

^^what little sisters are for right?!^^

DSC_0787 (2)

DSC_0791 (2)

^^checking out the tires on this ride^^

DSC_0786 (2)

^^we love these two sweet girls^^

DSC_0658 (2)

DSC_0393 (2)

^^we love you, Llewyn George!!^^

Monday Mornings

DSC_0514 (2)

Happy Monday, friends!

Monday mornings are always slow for us, after great weekends, with late nights, sometimes the kids and I take extra long getting motivated on Monday’s (that’s everyone, right?!) It’s noon and we just finished breakfast……

Reflecting on the weekend–

Our weekend was busy (as always) but we enjoyed every moment of it! I was busy most of the weekend, preparing for Llewyn’s Birthday party (last night) which was a great time! Thank goodness for sweet friends, who helped me all weekend, while David worked. You guys are the absolute best! xoxox

We celebrated Llewyn with a small get together at our house, (I’ll share more later this week) and it was really relaxing and fun. Llewyn enjoyed all the wonderful company, and love! Still trying to gather the fact that he will be ONE tomorrow!

Our house is currently getting an exterior face lift. (MUCH NEEDED) We’re trying to decide on a color,  which has kept me up at night, but I think we have finally settled on one, and I’m so excited!  (I highly recommend the guy who is painting our house, if anyone is looking for someone. He is going above and beyond, to make our old farm house feel extra pretty)

I’m sharing a few photos my sister took for us. These are some of my favorites, that capture us perfectly. (even lucy)

Have a great week!!



DSC_0551 (2)

DSC_0605 (2)

DSC_0458 (2)

DSC_0615 (2)

DSC_0583 (3)

DSC_0522 (2)


Our Forth


I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend–we sure did!!! Our weekend was filled with, work, rest, great food, wonderful friends, matching clothes, sparklers, and a lot of love for this great country!

We were definitely bummed that the firework display was canceled, mostly because we love getting ice cream from the little place next to tractor supply, while watching the fireworks. The cheesecake Sacki made, was simply amazing though, so no complaints here!

A little goal– Wear more Red, White and Blue. Celebrate our freedom, and our country’s positives more (not just on the 4th) and focus less on the negatives! Yes, the negatives are most definitely important, especially to our future, but there’s a lot of greatness here too! Here are a few photos from our weekend. Have a great, short week!




^^I wasn’t kidding, this thing was out of this world good!!^^








Landon’s First Birthday!

Taking these photos and watching this little guy approach his first birthday is bittersweet! Because, how is it possible that the time has gone buy so quickly?! Carrie and I were pregnant at the same time, and our boys are only a few weeks apart. So, it’s officially hit me, that Llewyn too, will be a year old in a few weeks!

Landon is such a cutie, as you can tell in all the photos! That little smile could melt a heart!!










Happy Spring


I’m officially recovered from Disney. I really should write a post about it, because even though we were very prepared for the trip, there’s so many things I know now! Going with little ones, is definitely where it’s at, because the excitement for them is so magical! It’s very exhausting at the same time! Anyway, I’m going to write about it really soon!

Happy Spring, you guys!

How amazing is this beautiful weather?! The kids and I have spring fever, and are outside fiddling about in the yard and scoping out the gardner for this year. Rosalie is really excited for a garden this year, and I think she’s going to be a huge help. She already planted a few seeds inside, and check on them every five minutes. I just love her!!


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention….we’ve started a new diet. I wouldn’t really call it a diet, but more like a healthier lifestyle, but it does kinda feel like a diet at the moment. We’ve completely given up all refined sugar and anything containing it. I’m amazed at how many things contain refined sugar! It really makes grocery shopping a lot easier though, basically, don’t shop in the center isles! hehe… I’ll write more about that later.

Here are a few photos, sorry this is so short, and I know I’ve been a slacker! Have a Happy Easter, Ya’ll! xox


Sweet, sweet girl!


Llouie Man!! Chewing on a stick…..





^^my whole heart in one photo^^

why i choose to be a stay at home mom


I’ve finally recovered from Disney, and decided it was time to get back at it! I wanted to write a little bit about being a stay at home mom, the struggles, the joys, why it’s so important, if you can swing it, and why I love it so much. ( not going to lie, after a long week of Disney World, it was great don’t get me wrong, but I kinda wanted to come home to a job… he he he)

I always hoped that I would be fortunate enough to stay at home with my children. I mean, my mom did it, made it look so easy, so I just knew I wanted to do it too! I’m so grateful to have a husband that can support our family, so I’m able to raise our little ones, I know not everyone is able to, that would like to, so, I’m just really thankful.


Yeah, so the struggles are real. It’s not always cupcakes and glitter. It is a job. I DO WORK. AT HOME. I NEVER GET AWAY FROM WORK. My work follows me in the bathroom, and cries out to me at 2am, it talks back to me, and even when I’m not at work… most likely my work is with me, or is on my mind. So yeah, staying at home and raising your children, it’s HARD WORK. Not to mention all the tasks that come with it. You know, the house work…the house work that never ends. You get all the toys in one room picked up, move on to the next, just to turn around to see said toys are storming the room yet again. Laundry, not even gonna talk about it. Now, when it comes to cooking, that’s where I take a breather and just enjoy it (not saying I don’t enjoy all of it, but this is where I relax and regroup) Something I often struggle with mentally, is the fact that sometimes society makes me feel like less of a woman because I stay home with my children. Because I’m not out chasing a career, climbing the corporate ladder, and becoming super successful. My success is right here in the comfort of my own home, and I’m raising these tiny people who will be the future of America, it’s important work, mommas!!!!


There is so much more joy than struggle. With every bit of struggle there comes so much joy. I try to focus less on the struggle, and more on the joys, because we all struggle, but it’s what we learn, right? I think being a mother is the most rewarding job, and for me, I feel like I get a front row seat to all those little rewards. Like witnessing the little things they learn from day to day. Rosalie spelling her name, to Llewyn discovering dirt. I don’t want to miss those moment, ever. Personally , I love being around my kids 24/7. I mean, I do like to potty in peace, and try to get a whole cup of coffee in me before they wake, but I just really enjoy their company–and I really miss them when they’re not here, which is hardly ever, but still. Oh, the joys!


I understand not every mother is able to stay home with her children, either for financial reasons, or I’ve heard, “I could never stay home with my kids, they would drive me nuts.” I totally get this. Sometimes when David gets home, I book it for the car and drive around listening to some awful heavy metal, just to get it all out of me. I get it! For David and I, it’s important for us as parents, to be in control of how our children are raised, what they watch, what they learn, what they eat, and how they are disciplined.  Being at home with them while they’re little allows this and allows us to start a foundation for them, in hopes they will continue to grow and build up on this foundation. I could probably go on all day, about why it’s so important to me, but I feel I may bore you!


I think I’ve probably made it clear by now that I love my kids, and being around them as much as possible, and that I’m a nut. ( he he) My little ones have taught me so much, just in the few short years that I’ve been lucky enough to be their mother. I love seeing the world through their eyes and at their level. They have opened my eyes to so many things, I would have never acknowledged otherwise. They have made me a woman, who takes the time for the little things, and notices the small things, and I am so thankful for them, and the love that we share.

Marriage Part One


Marriage is something I’ve wanted to write about for a while now, but haven’t quite had the courage. I mean, I’ve only been married for almost four years, what do I know, right? Every marriage is different and no marriage is perfect. We all go through rough spots, have bumps in the road, and forget the whole purpose of marriage every once in a while. I’m still learning so much, and will continue to learn for years and years to come, but something I know in my heart, is marriage isn’t even close to what it could be with out the Lord.

It wasn’t until David and I were married that I really began to live a Christian life. I knew I was saved and believed in Jesus Christ, but it wasn’t something I live for or included in my life daily. David and I did premarital counseling before we were married, and that’s really when I began to understand marriage, what it means, and what God expects. That’s when I really started letting the Lord change my life, and living according to his word, and yet I am still sinful, and disobedient at times, guess what!? I’m still forgiven and saved!! Our marriage isn’t just about us, and how we live our lives, what we can get out of  God, but its about how we can live our lives for Christ. With out him, I don’t see how any marriage could be successful, and I don’t mean successful in a way of not ending in divorce, but I mean successful in a way that there is so much more…The love, happiness, trust, respect, forgiveness, is so amazing when you live your life for the Lord. Here are a few things and I may write about this in different parts. So, here’s part one!

Why I Love Submitting To My Husband 

Ephesians 5:22 says, “Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands

..and dare I even mention the next verse? You know, the part where it says “For the husband is the head of the wife.” This verse is one that non-believers cling to when it comes to shooting down Christian faith. I mean, how dare we.. no, no.. how dare God tell women they need to submit to let men control them. You see, but here’s the problem, that’s not what the bible is saying at all, just continue to read a little further.

Some people look at this and think, why would any woman agree to this?! Why would they willingly vow to submit themselves to the mercy of their husbands. Let me barge on in for one second, and clarify for you. Let me tell you why this is not degrading to women, not offensive, and why it’s not exiling women to a life of servitude to their husbands. Oh yeah, and why I love submitting to my husband.

Because the part of the bible that says…..drum roll please.. “Husbands love your wives, as Christ loved the church”…(Ephesians 5:25)

Please note, it does not say, take advantage of, be little them, and make sure they keep the house clean.. No, it is instructing husbands to treat their wives as Christ treated his people. And do you know what Christ didn’t do?! He didn’t demand that his people make him sandwiches, he didn’t talk over them, or wasn’t physically or emotionally abusive. He didn’t walk in the door and demand dinner, the remote and a beer. Nope. Oh no, instead, he washed their feet. Yes, their stinky, dirty and swollen feet. He brought food to them and healed them, and most importantly, he DIED for them! Even though he didn’t deserve it, he willingly gave up HIS life. and in Ephesians, right after the verse to the wives, it tells husbands to show their wives the same selfless love that Christ showed.

So yes, I love submitting to my husband, and I am grateful and so happy to be a partner and companion to someone who loves me like that. Someone who always puts me before himself. Someone who cherishes me, values my options and loves me for who I am. Someone who would never do anything to purposefully hurt me, but to always help me. Someone who seeks God first. When you look at it like this, submitting doesn’t sound bad at all. Actually, it doesn’t sound like submitting at all. To me, it sounds like a blessing. A blessing to be able to love, respect, trust, support and encourage someone who is committed to looking out for my best interests, my family’s best interests, and ultimately giving everything for me. We are far from perfect, as is our marriage, but I know with the Lord on our team, we can face anything together!

Milestones at the Renalds’ house this week!


Not to my surprise, Rosalie had a great first day of school yesterday. She was suppose to start a few weeks ago, but with snow, and me trying to put it off, February first was the big day! I walked her to her class room, which she was like speed walking to get to she was so excited, and she went right in, through her jacket down, kicked off her shoes, and made herself at home. It was like she had been there all her life… but that’s not it…. when it was time to say goodbye, she was so busy playing and having a good ole time, I hardly got a goodbye. Of course, I hid my tears until I got to the car, where I moaned and Llewyn kind of looked at me like, “really mom, isn’t that my job?” Maybe it would have been a little easier if she acted like she was going to miss me a little?! I did get a TON of school work done. I felt as though I could have finished the entire semester in one day, it was unreal! But I definitely looked at the time every little bit, anxiously awaiting three O’clock. I arrived in the pick up line at like two thirty…. No, I wasn’t the first parent there! When it was my turn to get out, I told the woman I was here for Rosalie Renalds, she looked at me and said, “Aw, I heard about Rosalie!” I’m thinking, Oh great………but she just said she was so well behaved and adorable. (Thank goodness, because I pictured in my mind her doing something wild and crazy that the entire school heard about) When she walked out, my eyes filled up with tears, again, and when she saw me she had a few tears too, which caused more tears on my part. She told me about all the fun things they did, all her new friends, and how she needs an Elsa/Anna sleeping mat. I’m so happy her first day was a great experience!

Oh yeah, and Llewyn has TWO teeth now! Two teeth in one week, guys!! Oh, and he can crawl backwards. Big milestones in the Renalds home this week! Here are a few pictures.



Rosalie took the photo on the right!! She loves taking pictures with my camera, but its kind of heavy, so she can’t really aim it where she wants, so we have to kind of move to get in the picture for her! She’s a gem!



I hope you have a great week! XOX