Sweet Potato Toast– Our favorites!

Something I really enjoy doing, that I don’t often share on my blog, is cooking and experimenting with recipes and different foods. My children, are picky eaters, so trying to find things they approve and that are healthy, can be a challenge. Rosalie, being four, has become really interested in food, cooking, and knowing all about what she’s eating. She loves to watch me cook, and to pitch in and help. My mom let me cook, from the age I could reach the stove, and gosh, I remember having so many failures, but I loved it, and it educated me, so that I could make healthy decisions now! I believe it’s so important for our children to learn about foods, (real foods, not just what’s in a box, because who can seriously read those ingredients?) know what they are eating, and to be able to make healthy decisions for them selves, even at four! Having fun in the kitchen, is not only awesome family bonding time, but gives children a sort of responsibility to feel like they are trusted to make good decisions with what they choose to eat. It’s also our responsibility as parents, to invest this time into teaching them to live a healthier life, because its going to lead to how they live their lives in the future! So, I’ve decided to try to write and share more kid friendly/healthy ideas for kids, for you mommas, (or anyone) who struggle with ideas… I struggle daily!

Here is a quick, and easy recipe for sweet potato toast! I don’t eat bread (if I can help it) so I don’t really make meals with bread, other than Rosalie’s sandwich for school everyday. This toast is such a healthy alternative, and has really become a favorite in our house!

Sweet Potato Toast 

Try to buy the largest sweet potatoes you can find (they are easier to cut and make better toast)

Peel your potatoes, and preheat your oven to 375F

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper

Slice your potatoes in thin slice (or really how ever thick or thin you want them) dsc_0566

When I’m making these, I make a lot so I can store them in the fridge and use them as needed throughout the week! Just pop them in your toaster oven!

After the potatoes are sliced line them on the sheet, and brush both sides with olive oil (not necessary but I always do)

Bake for 15-20 minutes per side (mine aren’t normally super crispy, so if you like that, you may want to bake them longer)

I store mine in the fridge for 1 week and when I need a few, I either pop them in the toaster a couple times, or heat up a skilled and toast them on the stove.

Here are our favorite ways to eat them!

We like to add some almond butter (or peanut butter) fruit, cinnamon, and a bit of honey! (this is probably my favorite and is an awesome filling breakfast)


We also love adding chicken or tuna salad, topped with avocado! (the options are endless!)


And this is Rosalie’s favorite because.. anything with bacon! Am I right!?

So, a little BLT! Sometimes, I even add a slice hard boiled egg!


I hope you try it, and like it! If you have any questions, or felt I left something out, leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to help!

Monday Mornings


Oh you guys, it was a struggle to get up this morning. Llewyn, the past few nights, has been waking every hour demanding me. The poor guy is teething again, and I’m hoping these are the last to come in. I felt like a zombie this morning, running around the house getting Rosalie ready for school. Also noted, pretty sure my eye bags have their own eye bags at this point. Anyway, I’m here, drinking pounds of coffee, pretending to be productive… Happy Monday!

I wanted to share a few things, since I haven’t been on here much recently, and I don’t really like to share a lot of personal stuff (besides a few pictures of my kids) on Facebook (I tend to share a lot more on Instagram because I feel like it’s much more positive.) I figure, those who want to know whats going on in our live, can click to my blog, instead of sharing things on FB to people, who don’t really care.

For those of you who didn’t know, we recently moved! New Year’s weekend to be exact! probably the hardest move I’ve ever made, just because of all the hard work and love we put into making our Rockbridge Baths house a home, (which will be on the market soon!!!!) but I’m already in love with our new house, and am really excited to grown in it, and make it our home. Our main reason for moving, was so we could be closer to grandparents, work and school. It’s been super convenient.

Something exciting for me, I’m in my last semester at Mary Baldwin. (all the celebrating emojis inserted here) Never thought these days would come, throwing a husband and two kids into the mix slowed the process down a little, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I’m almost positive they have taught me more in the past 5 years, than a degree ever could.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what I’ll do with my Studio Art degree, and if I figure it out, I’ll let you know! For now, I’ll continue to paint, have more shows, give a few lessons, and work from home while raising my little ones!

This year, I’m going to pursue photography more than I have in the past. I’ve always loved the art, and sharing it with others. So, thats something I’ll share with you at a later date. ❤

I do want to focus more on my blog this year. I don’t want it to feel forced, but I feel like it’s such a good platform to make my voice heard, to share my beliefs, my life, and ideas,  in hopes that someone will benefit from a piece of it.

and one more thing– stay tuned next Monday Morning, for some more exciting news!

Anyway, I hope everyone stays dry today, and has a blessed week! Hugs and love to each of you!

by the way, my amazing friend Rachel Kaly, who’s blog is here designed my awesome logo at the top of this page! My signature and my flower! How awesome is she?!

Our Christmas Tree Adventure 2016


It’s become tradition for us to get our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and it seems to be tradition to make a video of it as well ( I really hope they enjoy these when the get older, because sometimes it’s a lot of work!!) Our first Christmas video is here and I like to think we’ve made a few tech improvements since then! ha ha

David has stepped up his videography game, and is actually showing some interest in photography.. I kinda made myself laugh there….  Actually, we might even start doing some VLOGGING!! What do you guys think about this?

Anyway, I love these little videos, and I know years from now, I will get so much joy in them, and lots of happy tears, I’m sure!

Happy, Happy Holiday’s my friends!!!

Knight Family Photos


As many of you know, photography has been a passion of mine for a while. My mom put me in lessons as a kid, and I learned on an old Canon 35 millimeter film camera, one where you had to be patient, while your film developed! Although, I was grateful for that old camera, I love my digital now, and how instant it is. I take so many photos, like A LOT… of my children! (guilty mom) So, when some one asks me to take some photos for them, I’m always a little shocked.. Me? Really? I’D LOVE TO!! I don’t really consider myself a photographer, just a lover of special moments and memories, that can be captured with a camera. Don’t get me wrong, I love capturing my kiddos, but there’s something special about capturing someone else’s moments! I loved taking Landon’s first birthday photos back in the summer ( Here) and I didn’t think he could get much cuter, but oh my!!!!! and he’s such a lucky little guy to have a big brother like Colton! Such a beautiful family!! ❤

Isn’t Carrie just beautiful!?!?

This is a favorite ^^


A Birth Story: Harlyn Lee Hamric

I got to experience one of the greatest gifts a few weeks ago, the birth of my nephew. When I had both my children, Lily (my sister), was in the delivery room with David and I. So, when she found out she was pregnant, I was so excited that she wanted me to be a part of their big day!!

There is something so beautiful about the birth of a child, something I cannot explain, or fulling understand myself. So, having the opportunity to photograph these moments, is something I felt so privileged and honored to do.

Thank you, Lily and TJ, for letting me be apart of this, its something I’ll never forget!

A Birth Story: Harlyn Lee Hamric

Life Lately

Here’s a little life lately, you know, since I haven’t been on here much recently!


I guess I haven’t really posted much since Rosalie started school. She’s at school, everyday, from 8:30 until 2:45. It took a little getting use to, not having my girl around. She loves it though, and the excitement on her face when she tells me stories of stuff that goes on throughout her day, makes my time away from her bearable! Oh, and the fact that she is learning so much, and SO FAST! Everyday when we get home from school, we go on a long walk (some of you have probably seen from all my instastories)!! We love being outside, and although this warm November weather is a little strange, I’m not going to complain, because we love soaking it up! Oh yeah, and we have a new puppy! He’s a German Shepherd, and his name is Flynn Rider. Lucy is still the queen of this house, and Flynn has already been reminded of this, several times..





^^Her favorite boots are just about worn out…^^



^^My sister’s sweet little guy!! So in love with him…. kinda makes me want to have five more!!! ^^ ❤ ❤


^^ I love this sweet family^^ Rosalie danced and took swim lessons with Whitley last year and her sweet mom, Hayley, was always so kind to me. She was probably one of 5 people that Llewyn would go to as a tiny baby!


^^These silly girls!! What else can I say?!^^

Such a fun weekend of festivities!



^^This will probably be my favorite Halloween, because David actually participated in dressing up. I haven’t been very successful at making that happen past Halloweens, but when I said Star Wars, and then added Han Solo and a Gun to the mix, how could he say no?! So much fun. ^^

Llewyn’s first birthday, and he’s quite the party animal!

DSC_0653 (2)And just like that, my baby is one!

I feel like I was a little unprepared for Llewyn to turn one. It kind of happened so fast the second time around, and last minute, I was like..OH YEAH, we need to have a party! When Rosalie turned one, I had planned her birthday party months in advance. Every little detail mattered, down to the iced lemons floating in the water. It was a beautiful day, that I had worked hard to plan… and it went by so fast! Llewyn’s birthday was just as great, with only half the planning and stress. We just had a simple get together, at our home, with a few family and friends. It really was a perfect day!! Here are a few photos!

DSC_0636 (2)

DSC_0706 (2)


DSC_0709 (2)

DSC_0662 (2)

DSC_0667 (2)DSC_0702 (2)


DSC_0746 (2)

^^what little sisters are for right?!^^

DSC_0787 (2)

DSC_0791 (2)

^^checking out the tires on this ride^^

DSC_0786 (2)

^^we love these two sweet girls^^

DSC_0658 (2)

DSC_0393 (2)

^^we love you, Llewyn George!!^^

Monday Mornings

DSC_0514 (2)

Happy Monday, friends!

Monday mornings are always slow for us, after great weekends, with late nights, sometimes the kids and I take extra long getting motivated on Monday’s (that’s everyone, right?!) It’s noon and we just finished breakfast……

Reflecting on the weekend–

Our weekend was busy (as always) but we enjoyed every moment of it! I was busy most of the weekend, preparing for Llewyn’s Birthday party (last night) which was a great time! Thank goodness for sweet friends, who helped me all weekend, while David worked. You guys are the absolute best! xoxox

We celebrated Llewyn with a small get together at our house, (I’ll share more later this week) and it was really relaxing and fun. Llewyn enjoyed all the wonderful company, and love! Still trying to gather the fact that he will be ONE tomorrow!

Our house is currently getting an exterior face lift. (MUCH NEEDED) We’re trying to decide on a color,  which has kept me up at night, but I think we have finally settled on one, and I’m so excited!  (I highly recommend the guy who is painting our house, if anyone is looking for someone. He is going above and beyond, to make our old farm house feel extra pretty)

I’m sharing a few photos my sister took for us. These are some of my favorites, that capture us perfectly. (even lucy)

Have a great week!!



DSC_0551 (2)

DSC_0605 (2)

DSC_0458 (2)

DSC_0615 (2)

DSC_0583 (3)

DSC_0522 (2)


Our Forth


I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend–we sure did!!! Our weekend was filled with, work, rest, great food, wonderful friends, matching clothes, sparklers, and a lot of love for this great country!

We were definitely bummed that the firework display was canceled, mostly because we love getting ice cream from the little place next to tractor supply, while watching the fireworks. The cheesecake Sacki made, was simply amazing though, so no complaints here!

A little goal– Wear more Red, White and Blue. Celebrate our freedom, and our country’s positives more (not just on the 4th) and focus less on the negatives! Yes, the negatives are most definitely important, especially to our future, but there’s a lot of greatness here too! Here are a few photos from our weekend. Have a great, short week!




^^I wasn’t kidding, this thing was out of this world good!!^^








Landon’s First Birthday!

Taking these photos and watching this little guy approach his first birthday is bittersweet! Because, how is it possible that the time has gone buy so quickly?! Carrie and I were pregnant at the same time, and our boys are only a few weeks apart. So, it’s officially hit me, that Llewyn too, will be a year old in a few weeks!

Landon is such a cutie, as you can tell in all the photos! That little smile could melt a heart!!